RotPG – Dennis Simms 05/16/2014

Hope you enjoyed tonight’s mix. Be sure to check back later for details on Friday the 13th’s special show.
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Track List: RotPG 05/16/2014 mix by Dennis Simms
Num.     Title – Artist
01. Dreams (Gigamesh Edit) – Fleetwood Mac
02. Watch The Sunrise (Stefan Lazarevic 90’s Remix) – Smootrab
03. Calypso (Original Mix) – Federico Buratti, Dhes
04. Wayfaring Stranger feat. Florence Bird (Original Mix) – Joachim Pastor
05. Sleepless Night (Original Mix) – David KenoJaxson
06. Do You Like It (Original Mix) – Kenny Ground, Riccardo Farina
07. Don Piano (Original Mix) – Lander B
08. A Lot Of (David Hopper Remix) – Alex Kenji
09. Solo Train – Shea Burke
10. Don’t Go Down – NiCe7
11. Day In Day Out (Original Mix) – Kevin Yost
12. Butterfly (Restless Soul Vocal Mix) – Osunlade
13. Angel Street (Original Mix) – Tom Flynn
14. Don’t Stop (Original Mix) – Mirko Flower
15. Pushin – Anja Schneider
16. One Day (Blaxx Remix) – @IT
17. In Your Boat (Original Mix) – Quivver
18. Your Shore (Original Mix) – G-7 Proyect
19. Cut Me Down (Kastis Torrau Donatello feat. Arnas D Remix) – Sasha & Krister Linder
20. Surfin (NiCe7 Remix) – Tube & Berger
21. Highlife (Sasha Invol2ver) – Adam Parker
22. Kaleidos (Original Mix) – D-Deck, Alex Mine

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