RotPG – Dennis Simms 04/18/2014

Tonight’s show was a short one due to the UCI Baseball Game.
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Num. Title – Artist
01.  Music Is (Federico Fleres Remix) – Alan Dixon
02.  Panda Keys – Stelios Vassiloudis
03.  Folding – Samu.l
04.  In 2 Tonuri (Original Mix) – Caractere
05.  Canvas (Original Mix) – Timmo
06.  Reflesh (Robert Babicz Remix) – Namito, Fake Chicken & Cheap Soap
07.  Computer Games (Original Mix) – Phil Kieran
08.  Gate – Atlantis Ocean
09.  but does it float (original mix) – Jeff Rushin
10.  Zero Latency (Jewel Kid Remix) – Bodyscrub
11.  Booster – Alex Geralead
12.  Afrika (Tribal Mix) – D-Unity
13.  Kambalakonda (Charles Ramirez Remix) – DJ Nash & Del Horno

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RotPG – Hector Merida 04/04/2014


Few figures in contemporary music have influenced their respective fields the way Frankie Knuckles has revolutionized dance music.As one of the most renowned DJs in the world, Frankie Knuckles is still packing dance floors with his unique style for almost 30 years. Legions of admirers during his travels penned Frankies nickname The Godfather of House the press picked up on it and made it stick.

He has played a pivotal role in the creation and evolution of house music, which has become the dominant staple of dance clubs throughout the world. It was this celebrity and his constant fundraising for some of his favorite charities dealing with aids, homelessness, and education of our youth, that garnered him one of the most prestigious honors by the City Of Chicago.

On August 25th 2004, the Mayor of Chicago proclaimed the date Frankie Knuckles day, and a street naming Frankie Knuckles Way .As a Producer and Re-Mixer, Knuckles lent his talents to some of R&B and Pop musics elite. Artists such as Mary J. Blige, Sounds of Blackness, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Diana Ross, Luther Vandross, Michael Bolton and Toni Braxton. Frankies production and mixing career was officially recognized by the music industry in 1997.

He became the first recipient of a Grammy for Remixer of The Year and has served as a Governor and Trustee, for the NYC Chapter of The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences.As an artist enjoying the success of two Virgin Records releases, Beyond The Mix and Welcome To The Real World . The first album included The Whistle Song which is most memorable as the Lipton Ice Tea commercial in the mid 90’s.

In 2001 Definity Records released the single Keep on Movin by Frankie Knuckles featuring vocalist Nicki Richards. The new song opened his Mix album Motivation and was the beginning of the collaboration between Knuckles and Richards 2004 A New Reality release. Billboard Magazine writes in the Album Reviews noteworthy section Knuckles strings together an inspirational and spiritual collection of gospel-infused club songs .

With critical acclaim from nearly every Electronic Dance and Club Culture magazine through out North America and Europe. Definity strategic crossover plan launched with a visibility campaign in Major Chains for Black History Month in February. Reviews in Vibe, Ebony, Black Beat, Essence, and BET made this Motivation album the first Def Mix Productions release to garner recognition with mainstream Afro American press.

Knuckles was back in the USA mainstream with his positive message. The launch of his Motivation world tour put Knuckles message again in the forefront on an International level and Knuckles realizes post 9/11 was a New Reality for him. In 2003 Knuckles released an exclusive mix album for Armani AX which also renewed his positive Message, and introduced the forthcoming studio album.He started digging through the vaults and writing, and came up with his first studio album to release in 7 years.

A New Reality released April 2004 in the USA, UK, Italy, Australia, and Japan simultaneously, and continues to receive media attention. Knuckles Launches his A New Reality” Tour on the heals of his Bac N da Day success around the globe. Bac N da Day is the first collaboration in 20 years with long time friend, House legend and co writer Jamie Principle. His second single Matter of Time features Nicki Richards, who is one of the most sought after vocalists in the USA. She works with everyone from Janet Jackson to Stevie Wonder. A breath of fresh air, Nicki is featured on half the album and is backed by some of the most amazing vocalists the business has to offer. She also sings with Will Downing who sings backing vocals for her on What’s Goin On .

Knuckles continues to use his celebrity and much of his spare time providing entertainment for various AIDS charity events. He supports anything that has to do with children, noted as saying I cannot stand to hear a child cry of want, hunger, or a lack of love . He has let his services for many past organizations, including Meals on Wheels, GMHC, Pediatric AIDS, and most recently Harvey Milk School.

1980484_10151982334341109_7204326982068811033_oHECTOR MERIDA – >>click hear for audio archive<<
“Words are the pen of the Heart, but Music is the Pen of the Soul” – DJ Huggie
Hector ‘Huggie’ Merida has been dedicated to the Global Underground Movement since the mid 1980’s. With an unrelenting passion for the music, the people, and the vibe they create, ‘Huggie’ has been focused on supplying the beats to universal movers, and global groovers of dance music all over the world! With over 24 years of hard work and dedication under his belt, ‘Huggie’ has reached, & touched the lives of faithful music loving fans everywhere with his own brand of 4 to 8 hour sets. Sets that will guide you directly to the dance floor. Huggie’s sets range from 116 bpm to 130bpm which allows him to take full charge of the dance floor by providing your with deep house, tribal house, tech house and techno…

‘Huggie’ first gained notoriety as a producer/remixer, with his first track “Paradox Dreams”. His freshman release appeared alongside well respected artists, such as Micro, Adam X, T-1000, Vicious Vic and Frankie Bones on the X-SIGHT RECORDS compilation entitled “BELIEVE 96-97″. Not stopping there, ‘Huggie’ has included remix work into his repertoire for Phatt Phunk Records, Funked Up Records, and most recently Looq Records . Two tracks “Ali Sun” and “Sunrise in Tikal” were released on the Iridium Music compilation “Higher Collective Consciousness”. His most recent work includes remixes for Thee O & Steve Prior (Muy Bien EP), Art Of Hot (Play EP), Robert Raine (Tunnels Made of Plastic EP), while teaming up with Subdivision/VivalaTech’s Merlyn Martin with the track “Confirmation” on Polytechnic Recordings. ‘Huggie” has also teamed up with one of L.A.’s most talented veterans DJ Thee O with tracks “Night Owl – Toes In The Sand Recordings, “Don’t Fake” on Protium Recordings, “Rain” featuring Erin Powers on System Recordings and most recently “Get High” co-produced w/ DJ Thee O for Looq Records.


RotPG – Dennis Simms 03/21/2014

reel2reelTonight’s show was a super sized one since I was filling in for Digital Nimbus.
Mixed by Dennis Simms
Num. Title Artist
01 A Certain Will (Original Mix) – Ra.Pu & Nekow
02 In Spatiu (Original Mix) – Herck
03 Move On (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix) – The Black 80s
04 Disco Talks – Marcos Baiano
05 Discovery (Original Mix) – A.d.M.a.
06 A Blind Eye (Original Mix) – The Junkies
07 The Drummer (Original Mix) – Jay Lumen
08 Noronha – Gui Boratto
09 Crazy – Macromism
10 Rescue Me (Johannes Heil Trueschool Rework) – Meda
11 chemical deception (original mix – Alhek
12 Ragga Blip (Jesse Voorn Remix) – Marc Vedo & Chris Dececio
13 Epos (Original Mix) – Ten Walls
14 So Good To Me (Extended Mix) – Chris Malinchak
15 Sweet Dreams – CREAM MOVEMENT
16 Man Cub (Paul Cart & Manu-L Remix) – Paul Cart, ManuL, Horatio
17 Halfway Crooks (Original Mix) – Amine Edge & Dance
18 Feel The Boogie (Original Mix) – Jobb, CORCO
19 One Of Two Ways (Original Mix) – JammHot
20 Landcruiser (Original Mix) – Stefan Kaye
21 Yellow Sky Over Reykjavik (Baikal Remix) – Thor
22 Sunshine In The Darkness Feat. Angela (Mark Holmes Dub Mix) – Carlos Pulido, Lopezhouse
23 Sunshine In The Darkness Feat. Angela (Mark Holmes Vocal Remix) – Carlos Pulido, Lopezhouse
24 Who Is Jack (Original Mix) – Julien Guzz
25 The Jockey Feat. Quell (Original Mix) – Jerome Sydenham
26 Pathfinder (Original Mix) – Sergio Fernandez
27 Your Love (Original Club Mix) – Mark Knight
28 Don’t Look Back (Original Mix) – Patrick Vano
29 Tanquilla (Radio Edit) – Boss Axis
30 Vacuum – Constant Progress
31 Water (Fathers Of Sound Main Vocal Mix) – Fathers Of Sound feat Sharon May Lynn
32 Wild Desert (Original Mix) – IO (Mulen)
33 Lemon Aid – Ray Morqeez
34 Smoke Signals – 16 Bit Lolitas
35 Lost In You feat Janai (Hugga Thugg Remix) – Dusky
36 Cloud 9 – Paul Keeley
37 Pranktech – Soundprank & Jaytech
38 The Time Machine (Original Mix) – Soundprank
39 Forma Perpetua – Vadim Soloviev
40 Atlantic – Jaytech
41 You Are Sleeping (Dave From Dallas & Dj Redeye Dub Mix) – Pqm
42 Manila Sunrise (Markus Schultz United Light Mix) – Luzon
43 fade again to black (original mix) – Alhek
44 MMM Meets Tshetsha Boys – MMM

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RotPG – Dennis Simms 03/07/2014

KUCI Studio Lobby

KUCI Studio Lobby

What a week it has been. I LOVE YOU Stacy (Wifey) get well soon. THANK YOU EVERYONE for your prayers and support.

Live recording of Riders of the Plastic Groove that aired Friday, March 07, 2014 on 88.9fm KUCI in Irvine, California. Mix by Dennis Simms.
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Num. Title – Artist
01.  Unwirklich – MATZINGHA
02.  Ain’t Enough (Oliver Schories remix) – Tarranado
03.  Watch The Sunrise (Stefan Lazarevic 90′s Remix) – Smootrab
04.  You’ll Say I Do (Duher Remix) – Parfenov, Balkov
05.  Adrift – Steve Huerta
06.  I Don’t Care (Original Mix) – Mass Digital
07.  With You (Ian Tosel Remix) – Nebu Mitte, Jaselle
08.  Radio Ready – Jay Lumen
09.  Icelounge – Angel Ramirez
10.  Seagull (Original Mix) – Samu.l
11.  Shaaara – Karm
12.  Swinger (Original Mix) – Herck
13.  If You Run (Peer Kusiv Remix) – Lexer
14.  Indigo – Juan Sanchez
15.  Wonderful Wonderfall (Original Mix) – [a]pendics.shuffle, Dilo
16.  Mexico (Robin Hirte Remix) – FLSH
17.  Viena (Original Mix) – Oscar Aguilera, George Privatti, Guille Placencia
18.  Wood & Wine (Ian Pooley Remix) – Wankelmut
19.  Contagious Love – Rosario Galati
20.  Anunciacion – Gui Boratto
21.  Code Red (Original Mix) – Jens Bond & Jacob Phono

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RotPG – Omar Goodness 02/28/2014

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Omar Goodness on Riders of the Plastic Groove.Friday, February 28, 2014 from 8pm – 10pm on 88.9fm KUCI in Irvine, CA.
Dj Omar Goodness
With his grandfather being the neighborhood Master Blaster, Omar Olaya learned how to play and mix for what captivates the audience.
Born and raised in Queens, NY, the city offered up a plethora of music for him ranging from disco, freestyle, jazz, house and hip hop that were embedded into his very persona. Mix that along with his urban background and South American roots and that makes for a unique programming and mixing ride right from the get go…
Each mix tells a story and takes you on a journey, may be it funky, groovy, soulful, jazzy, upliftingly spiritual or downright dirty through backstreets, filthy and underground… whichever way he tells it, you’ll be exhausted but asking for more and more….hence, his Dj name was given to him after a 4hr set.
Dj Omar Goodness had just finished his latest residency @ Chapter One: the modern local in Downtown Santa Ana to do some producing. Other residencies included places such as
Commonwealth Lounge & Grill, Newport Beach and at 7 Seas Sushi Bar & Grill, Downtown GG On March 1st Dj Omar Goodness will be releasing the first of a monthly podcast called “The Opening Set” which can be downloaded on along with other original songs that were produced.
“Sounds just like it should” – Dj Omar Goooodness (say it with the inflection dammit)