RotPG – Matt LaCapria & Ron D Core 04/11/2014


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Matt LaCapria
In the early nineties Matt LaCapria was introduced to the L.A. Underground scene. Within a few years he was working as a regular DJ in parties and clubs such as Green Eggs and Ham, Insomnia, Therapy, KUCI and many other one off events. Matt worked as a professional DJ until 2001, playing with world renowned DJ’s like Taylor, Mark Lewis, Christopher Lawrence, Doran, Grant Plant, Theo, Jason Blakemore, Brownie, and the list goes on, With 10 years of LA Underground in his blood Matt went on hiatus to build a family, buy a house, and earn a Master’s Degree. Now Matt LaCapria is back on the decks spinning House, Progressive House and Techno. Soon to be at a Club near you.

Ron D Core
Spinning records since 1985, Co-Owner & Founder of Dr. Freecloud’s Mixing Lab since 1994. Owner and creator of Atomic Hardcore Recordings + Oblivion Records (California’s first Hardcore record labels). Ron has recorded and been featured on many Hardcore and non—Hardcore from all over the world including: Atomic Hardcore Recordings (Costa Mesa), Industrial Strength (New York), Head Fuck (Italy), Epileptik (France), UC Music (Chicago), V-Wax (Los Angeles), Swell (Arizona) & most recently the Dr. Freecloud label. Throughout the years of Ron D Core’s DJ career he’s thrown a lot of events (large and small), and always memorable such as Dr. Freecloud’s Psychedelic Drugstore (Halloween Rave in Santa Ana 1990) + Hot Lemonade (an Acid House event in Downtown Los Angeles 1989) + No—Doz (a weekly afterhours in Los Angeles 1992—1993) + Funny Farm (a hardcore weekly in Orange County 1993—1994) + Plazma (a Hardcore weekly in Fullerton’s Digital Kilinik 1997) + Operation 1 & Operation 2 (Large scale events celebrating Dr. Freecloud’s B—Days) + Funky Shit Happens! (Large Rave @ Orange Show in San Bernadino) + Blitzkrieg (Mega—Outdoor Desert Festival) Hardcore vs. House party + Megablast (all Hardcore event @ The Glasshouse in Pomona) & co—Promoted with Sid P.W.L.Y. + 13 (all Hardcore event in Pomona) thrown on the 13th of any given month.

Ron has played at some of the largest and most memorable events in the world such as: Electric Daisy Carnival + Nocturnal Wonderland + Smoke Out + Circa + Together As One + Monster Massive + Bassrush + Pyrotechnodiscoworks + Audiotistic + Opium + Willie Wonka + Alice’s House + Stranger Than Fiction (L.A.’s first Massive 1990 @ The Shrine Auditorium) + Narnia + Future World + Aphrodite’s Temple + Shiva’s Erotic Banquet + Cyberslam & too many others to mention & played for crowds up to 50,000 people. Ron has played with some of the biggest names in the business such as: Speed Freak + Lenny Dee + DJ Producer + Juan Atkins + J. Saul Kane (Depth Charge) + Rob Gee + Neophyte + DJ Paul + Babu (Beat Junkies) + DJ Dan + Doc Martin + Manu Le Malin and loads of others. Some of the articles and interviews Ron has been featured in are: Urb Magazine + Entrepeneur + OC Weekly + XLR8R + DJ Times + Daily Pilot + Yellow Rat Bastard + Thunder Magazine (Thunderdome Holland) + L.A. Weekly + Club Life + Tribe + Free Bass + Fix Magazine + Rave (Porn Magaine) + Culture and more… Ron has been featured in a Movie Documentary about the rave scene and it’s history called “Better living Through Circuitry,” & the book called “Generation Exstacy,”. Ron is continuosly working hard in the Electronic Music scene Recording DJ’ing and Promoting the Hardcore he love’s and supports. Keeping Dr. Freecloud’s the store and the Vinyl alive is nothing short of dedication to the scene.


RotPG – Dennis Simms 03/28/2014

10150718_10151970381791109_1801256180_nThe first part of tonight’s show was streamed through our Ustream page due to the UCI Baseball Game against UCR. Congratulations to UCI for winning the game 8 to 0.

Track List: RotPG Dennis Simms 03/28/2014
Num. Title Artist
01. Undisclosed (Original Mix) – Uner
02. The Space Between Us (Original Mix) – Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda
03. Wishin’ Well (Hot Since 82 Remix) – David Lynch
04. Surge (Original Mix) – Nils Mohn
05. Lime Wave (Original Mix) – Sian
06. Transit (Sisko Electrofanatik RockinDaHouse Remix) – Adrian Hour
07. Mango – Sascha Funke
08. Keep a Movin’ – Tiger Stripes
09. Bodies & Shape (Original Mix) – The Deepshakerz, Roter & Lewis
10. Monkey Thief (Original Mix) – PROJECT AKC
11. Stay Behind (Original Mix) – Costantino Nappi, Micky Da Funk
12. Arambol – Pacho
13. Rot – Macromism
14. Haunted – Hector
15. Sunspot White Space Conflict (Pig & Dan Remix) – Testpilot
16. Fade again to black (original mix) – Alhek
17. Angelus (Original Mix) – Olivier Weiter
18. Dive Into the Deepest feat. Rosina (Maceo Plex Remix) – Murr, Rosina
19. Coronal Mass (Luis Junior Remix) – Lank, Cid Inc.
20. About You (Original Mix) – Anthony Attalla
21. Cosmic – Tom Glass
22. Groovy Beat (Original Mix) – Gianni Firmaio & Mr Jefferson
23. Liquid Brain (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix) – Fergie

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RotPG – Dennis Simms 03/21/2014

reel2reelTonight’s show was a super sized one since I was filling in for Digital Nimbus.
Mixed by Dennis Simms
Num. Title Artist
01 A Certain Will (Original Mix) – Ra.Pu & Nekow
02 In Spatiu (Original Mix) – Herck
03 Move On (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix) – The Black 80s
04 Disco Talks – Marcos Baiano
05 Discovery (Original Mix) – A.d.M.a.
06 A Blind Eye (Original Mix) – The Junkies
07 The Drummer (Original Mix) – Jay Lumen
08 Noronha – Gui Boratto
09 Crazy – Macromism
10 Rescue Me (Johannes Heil Trueschool Rework) – Meda
11 chemical deception (original mix – Alhek
12 Ragga Blip (Jesse Voorn Remix) – Marc Vedo & Chris Dececio
13 Epos (Original Mix) – Ten Walls
14 So Good To Me (Extended Mix) – Chris Malinchak
15 Sweet Dreams – CREAM MOVEMENT
16 Man Cub (Paul Cart & Manu-L Remix) – Paul Cart, ManuL, Horatio
17 Halfway Crooks (Original Mix) – Amine Edge & Dance
18 Feel The Boogie (Original Mix) – Jobb, CORCO
19 One Of Two Ways (Original Mix) – JammHot
20 Landcruiser (Original Mix) – Stefan Kaye
21 Yellow Sky Over Reykjavik (Baikal Remix) – Thor
22 Sunshine In The Darkness Feat. Angela (Mark Holmes Dub Mix) – Carlos Pulido, Lopezhouse
23 Sunshine In The Darkness Feat. Angela (Mark Holmes Vocal Remix) – Carlos Pulido, Lopezhouse
24 Who Is Jack (Original Mix) – Julien Guzz
25 The Jockey Feat. Quell (Original Mix) – Jerome Sydenham
26 Pathfinder (Original Mix) – Sergio Fernandez
27 Your Love (Original Club Mix) – Mark Knight
28 Don’t Look Back (Original Mix) – Patrick Vano
29 Tanquilla (Radio Edit) – Boss Axis
30 Vacuum – Constant Progress
31 Water (Fathers Of Sound Main Vocal Mix) – Fathers Of Sound feat Sharon May Lynn
32 Wild Desert (Original Mix) – IO (Mulen)
33 Lemon Aid – Ray Morqeez
34 Smoke Signals – 16 Bit Lolitas
35 Lost In You feat Janai (Hugga Thugg Remix) – Dusky
36 Cloud 9 – Paul Keeley
37 Pranktech – Soundprank & Jaytech
38 The Time Machine (Original Mix) – Soundprank
39 Forma Perpetua – Vadim Soloviev
40 Atlantic – Jaytech
41 You Are Sleeping (Dave From Dallas & Dj Redeye Dub Mix) – Pqm
42 Manila Sunrise (Markus Schultz United Light Mix) – Luzon
43 fade again to black (original mix) – Alhek
44 MMM Meets Tshetsha Boys – MMM

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RotPG – Dennis Simms 03/07/2014

KUCI Studio Lobby

KUCI Studio Lobby

What a week it has been. I LOVE YOU Stacy (Wifey) get well soon. THANK YOU EVERYONE for your prayers and support.

Live recording of Riders of the Plastic Groove that aired Friday, March 07, 2014 on 88.9fm KUCI in Irvine, California. Mix by Dennis Simms.
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Num. Title – Artist
01.  Unwirklich – MATZINGHA
02.  Ain’t Enough (Oliver Schories remix) – Tarranado
03.  Watch The Sunrise (Stefan Lazarevic 90′s Remix) – Smootrab
04.  You’ll Say I Do (Duher Remix) – Parfenov, Balkov
05.  Adrift – Steve Huerta
06.  I Don’t Care (Original Mix) – Mass Digital
07.  With You (Ian Tosel Remix) – Nebu Mitte, Jaselle
08.  Radio Ready – Jay Lumen
09.  Icelounge – Angel Ramirez
10.  Seagull (Original Mix) – Samu.l
11.  Shaaara – Karm
12.  Swinger (Original Mix) – Herck
13.  If You Run (Peer Kusiv Remix) – Lexer
14.  Indigo – Juan Sanchez
15.  Wonderful Wonderfall (Original Mix) – [a]pendics.shuffle, Dilo
16.  Mexico (Robin Hirte Remix) – FLSH
17.  Viena (Original Mix) – Oscar Aguilera, George Privatti, Guille Placencia
18.  Wood & Wine (Ian Pooley Remix) – Wankelmut
19.  Contagious Love – Rosario Galati
20.  Anunciacion – Gui Boratto
21.  Code Red (Original Mix) – Jens Bond & Jacob Phono

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RotPG – Dennis Simms 02/14/2014

That's dance. (© Hasan Baglar, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards)

That’s dance. (© Hasan Baglar, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards)

Riders of the Plastic Groove live recording from Friday, February 14, 2014. This show was cut an hour short due to the UCI baseball game going into extra innings.
Be sure to tune in next week February 21, 2014 from 8pm – 10pm for Jamie Thinnes of Seasons Recordings.

Num. Title – Artist

  1. Smoky – Steve Huerta
  2. In the Morning (Original Mix) – Tim Baresko & Tee Dunky
  3. Late Night (Solomun Remix Radio Edit) – Foals
  4. Lonely Stars In Open Skies (Luca Bacchetti Remix) – Maher Daniel, Jon Charnis
  5. Disco Tramps – Sandro Kuhne
  6. Blauer Tag (Robin Schulz Remix) – Möwe
  7. Flying Suns – Uner
  8. Medulla (Terry Lee Brown Junior Remix) – Jacob Phono & Siinus
  9. Seagull (Reset Robot Remix) – Samu.l
  10. Dancing Frequencies (Original Mix) – Luis M

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