RotPG – Dr. Freeclouds Presents 02/22/2013

Spinning records since 1985, Co-Owner & Founder of Dr. Freecloud’s Mixing Lab since 1994. Owner and creator of Atomic Hardcore Recordings + Oblivion Records (California’s first Hardcore record labels). Ron has recorded and been featured on many Hardcore and non—Hardcore from all over the world including: Atomic Hardcore Recordings (Costa Mesa), Industrial Strength (New York), Head Fuck (Italy), Epileptik (France), UC Music (Chicago), V-Wax (Los Angeles), Swell (Arizona) & most recently the Dr. Freecloud label. Throughout the years of Ron D Core’s DJ career he’s thrown a lot of events (large and small), and always memorable such as Dr. Freecloud’s Psychedelic Drugstore (Halloween Rave in Santa Ana 1990) + Hot Lemonade (an Acid House event in Downtown Los Angeles 1989) + No—Doz (a weekly afterhours in Los Angeles 1992—1993) + Funny Farm (a hardcore weekly in Orange County 1993—1994) + Plazma (a Hardcore weekly in Fullerton’s Digital Kilinik 1997) + Operation 1 & Operation 2 (Large scale events celebrating Dr. Freecloud’s B—Days) + Funky Shit Happens! (Large Rave @ Orange Show in San Bernadino) + Blitzkrieg (Mega—Outdoor Desert Festival) Hardcore vs. House party + Megablast (all Hardcore event @ The Glasshouse in Pomona) & co—Promoted with Sid P.W.L.Y. + 13 (all Hardcore event in Pomona) thrown on the 13th of any given month.

Ron has played at some of the largest and most memorable events in the world such as: Electric Daisy Carnival + Nocturnal Wonderland + Smoke Out + Circa + Together As One + Monster Massive + Bassrush + Pyrotechnodiscoworks + Audiotistic + Opium + Willie Wonka + Alice’s House + Stranger Than Fiction (L.A.’s first Massive 1990 @ The Shrine Auditorium) + Narnia + Future World + Aphrodite’s Temple + Shiva’s Erotic Banquet + Cyberslam & too many others to mention & played for crowds up to 50,000 people. Ron has played with some of the biggest names in the business such as: Speed Freak + Lenny Dee + DJ Producer + Juan Atkins + J. Saul Kane (Depth Charge) + Rob Gee + Neophyte + DJ Paul + Babu (Beat Junkies) + DJ Dan + Doc Martin + Manu Le Malin and loads of others. Some of the articles and interviews Ron has been featured in are: Urb Magazine + Entrepeneur + OC Weekly + XLR8R + DJ Times + Daily Pilot + Yellow Rat Bastard + Thunder Magazine (Thunderdome Holland) + L.A. Weekly + Club Life + Tribe + Free Bass + Fix Magazine + Rave (Porn Magaine) + Culture and more… Ron has been featured in a Movie Documentary about the rave scene and it’s history called “Better living Through Circuitry,” & the book called “Generation Exstacy,”. Ron is continuosly working hard in the Electronic Music scene Recording DJ’ing and Promoting the Hardcore he love’s and supports. Keeping Dr. Freecloud’s the store and the Vinyl alive is nothing short of dedication to the scene.


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Fantastic Wax (2)Mungo
Mungo’s introduction to Techno music took place in the summer of 1989 at Double Hit Mickey’s Electric Daisy Carnival at an outdoor swap meet in Chino! He was instantly and permanently hooked on Techno music.
His exposure to the underground music scene included such events as No-Doz, Aphrodites Temple, Paw-Paw Ranch, countless events at La Casa in Los Angeles,pretty much anywhere Ron D Core and DJ Dan would be playing. Some other favorite DJ’s to follow included Thee-O, Kool-Aid, Adam X, Frankie Bones, Mellinfunk.
He was introduced to the beautiful art of DJing in the late 90’s by his good friend Rolland Colon. After a lot of practice Rolland, Mungo, and their good friend Chris McDonnell (Cheech) would play at many,many house parties in South Orange County. Every now and then they would play at the infamous Cowboy Boogie in Anaheim. Mungo and Rolland played the VIP room at the NYE 2000/2001 party at the Irvine Marriot. The clubby styles of Techno just weren’t cutting it for Mungo so he started playing the true underground sounds that really moved him! Such genres as NRG, Hard Trance, Acid Trance, Techno, Hard Techno, Schranz, Hardcore Techno. Pretty much anything with a mean rhythm and an evil melody!!
After a few years away from the underground scene Mungo is back and ready to share his love of Techno music with everybody!
2012 was a great year for Mungo, he started actively promoting himself at different events, on various social networks, making mixes, burning countless cd’s, etc…. He was invited to join the Dr. Freecloud’s family, Techno Belligerent, and had a few guest appearances at various events throughout the summer.
Early in the year Mungo and Arcid teamed up to run an internet based radio show on Wednesdays at 4pm. The Techno Belligerent Radio Show is broadcast from Mungo’s house most every week, with the occasional field trip to Dr.Freecloud’s Record Shoppe to broadcast from there. The driving force behind the radio show is to showcase as much of the west coast underground talent as possible, keeping the music alive and well!! They have had artists like Frankie Bones, Ron D Core, Dj Krylon, among so much more local talent!!!
Mungo was a part of such events as The Third Eye Vision Festival, Audio Science Dr. Freecloud’s Takeover, quite a few BBQ’s at the record shop, and Fantastic Wax to name a few.
2013 has started off with a bang. Not only is Mungo happily sharing his music with the world every Wednesday, he has been invited to a few pretty big events like Acid Rain (Feb 9) hosted by Mellinfunk and Angel Flores of the Bass Afflicted crew, this very broadcast of Riders of The Plastic Groove with D.P.S.M. and Ron D Core, quite a few more BBQ’s at Dr. Freecloud’s Record Shoppe, a few really good shows at the RThree Social Lounge including Sentience hosted by Verity of MSR w/ R.A.W. and DJ Robin. You will find Mungo out in the desert in August at Because We Love YouToo.

The year was 1987 and by that time I had considered myself a DJ because I was using a Realistic mixer from Radio Shack to mix a cassette deck, belt drive (non-pitch) phonograph and Synsonics drum machine together for cut and paste mixes. Then I met a cat who had two Technics 1200s and a Numark mixer at his house. He was well stocked in Miami Bass records and would let me practice while he and his friends played Nintendo games.

Fast forward, while still collecting a variety of records in 1989 I started attending a spot in Laguna Beach named,”Club Post Nuclear,” which introduced me to DJ Robin, an eclectic DJ with a wide variety of tastes in electronic infused noise. While throwing in sounds from Nine Inch Nails, Front 242, Psychic TV, Skinny Puppy, he began mixing in artists like Guru Josh, Meat Beat Manifesto and more. I was then hooked on Acid House and then started buying more “Techno” based music from labels such as Underground Resistance from Noise, Noise, Noise in Costa Mesa.

Then it happened- the opening of Dr. Freecloud’s Record Shoppe in Costa Mesa where all of my vinyl and electronic dreams came true. Since it’s opening I have been a loyal customer and friend to the store which supplies me with a plethora of releases for my listening and playing palette.

Throughout the years I have played at various parties with the constant yearning to make people dance.  Although I prefer vinyl and will argue that it is the most user friendly format and best quality of sound , I am skilled in all the latest DJing formats.

Currently I playing Minimal, Hard, Industrial and Booty Shaking Techno…

About Riders of the Plastic Groove

With well over 20 years of DJ'ing experience, Dennis Simms has held residencies at famous clubs like Metropolis (Irvine, CA) C2K at The Venetian (Las Vegas, NV) and The Shark Club (Costa Mesa, CA). Dennis Simms has performed with world class talent such as Junior Vasquez, Taylor, Danny Tanaglia, Frankie Bones, Sandra Collins, Crystal Method, David Alvarado and DJ Pierre just to name a few. While at C2K, he has opened for Snoop Dogg, Digital Underground, Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh. Dennis was also a part of the So-Cal rave scene back in the 90’s while working with master of underground sound systems known as "Shredder" (aka Atlas Sound). Dennis Simms currently operates a long-standing radio show called "Riders of the Plastic Groove" (RotPG) that is dedicated in delivering the best in electronic music from all over the globe featuring world class DJ's oftentimes performing live sets on the weekly broadcast. The show airs every Friday night from 8pm - 10pm (PST) and broadcasts live and direct from the University of California (Irvine, CA) at KUCI 88.9fm and also streaming worldwide at You can also find KUCI streaming on iTunes under Public Radio / KUCI. RotPG, Orange County’s top rated electronic dance music show, features many styles of music such as breaks, house, electro, progressive, minimal, tech house, techno, trance and drum & bass. RotPG regularly hosts world class DJ's and producers such as Sasha, John Digweed, Paul Van Dyk, Taylor, Christopher Lawrence, Juan Atkins, Skylab 2000, Bassland, Electric Skychurch, Omar Santana, Scott Bradford (Lexicon Avenue), Tom Stephan, Fred De Neef, David Alvarado, Rachael Starr, Simply Jeff and Faust & Shortee just to name a few. To hear the finest in electronica from all spectrums of sound, tune in every Friday night to KUCI 88.9fm from 8pm to 10pm.

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