RotPG – Eve Falcon 06/21/2013

Eve FalconEve Falcon

I can barely remember a time I did not DJ. I fell into a chance situation where I could DJ on a college radio station at a very young age. I was SO young in fact that I was trying to find my musical identity (think of mixing Kansas into Nina Hagen into Journey and then into Devo.) this was the post punk, early new wave era in a town inundated by classic rock. I was very excited, yet nervous to talk on the air (I have the tapes to prove it) and did my weekly “Afternoon Delights” show from 4-6pm. when I would get out of school for the day, I’d head down to the station and hang out with the many personalities over there talking about music… listening to music… going through the new releases. It became my culture and was ingrained into my being.

As I got into my mid-teens I secured my fake ID courtesy of Playland in NYC and started frequenting the local gay bar. My parents knew about this but were happy to at least know where I was when I was 15. They also knew I wasn’t a drinker and was just enamored with the scene and especially the music… mostly the fact that the DJ was able to make all the songs seem like one song all night long… how did he do that?? I would go to this bar religiously and then discovered I could get into NY and Philly clubs like SoundFactory, Limelight, Revival, Danceateria and Webster Hall. I used to absolutely love going to Disco 2000 with the clubkids at Limelight and even had a stint as a go-go dancer for a brief time. Well, that opened up a whole new world! I would take in the sights, the sounds, the seamless mixing, the energy and just ate it all up.

Then the era of techno and industrial started. The early techno (rave) scene took hold in my hometown and I got immersed in a local club that showcased DJs playing all of the hottest techno. Think of Dr. Seuss hats, smart bars and glowsticks! When I first heard Moby on a radio station while driving one night, I had to pull over (before cell phones) and call on the nearest pay phone.. “who was that you just played?” came to find out it was the Rainforest mix of Moby’s hit “Go.” I was forever changed. Saw tons of live shows including Moby but also The Prodigy, the Orb, Aphex Twin, Frontline Assembly, Skinny Puppy, Meatbeat Manifesto and couldn’t get enough! I then created my own band that would write and perform techno with an industrial edge to it. Think Lords of Acid with a dash of Dee-lite. some of the songs had lyrics and some didn’t. our live show had dancers and numerous TV screens on stage while I danced and sang donning wigs and wearing hot lime-green or shiny silver outfits. We played a few shows and then called it a day, but it was fun.

Fast forward to my move to LA. With all of this experience from the nightclub circuit, the bands and the radio station, I started to mess around on my then boyfriend’s turntables. I would practice and practice on the same 10 records until I would wear out all of the beginnings of them. About 3 months later, I got invited to DJ at a friend’s house party and almost didn’t do it because I was so nervous. With hands shaking, I got through it and seemed to get people’s attention on the dancefloor. I felt I had something to truly offer and continued to pursue my repertoire and DJ identity. I released mixes and pounded the booking pavement. A few more months later i started playing small clubs in LA and soon after, I began to get booked at Avalon, The Mayan and other big LA clubs. Then i started playing throughout the US and then South America, Mexico, Asia etc. Which led to the eventual producing of tracks and remixes. There’s so much more to say, but let’s just say that just as my mixes are a journey, so has been my life as a DJ… and continues to be.

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About Riders of the Plastic Groove

With well over 20 years of DJ'ing experience, Dennis Simms has held residencies at famous clubs like Metropolis (Irvine, CA) C2K at The Venetian (Las Vegas, NV) and The Shark Club (Costa Mesa, CA). Dennis Simms has performed with world class talent such as Junior Vasquez, Taylor, Danny Tanaglia, Frankie Bones, Sandra Collins, Crystal Method, David Alvarado and DJ Pierre just to name a few. While at C2K, he has opened for Snoop Dogg, Digital Underground, Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh. Dennis was also a part of the So-Cal rave scene back in the 90’s while working with master of underground sound systems known as "Shredder" (aka Atlas Sound). Dennis Simms currently operates a long-standing radio show called "Riders of the Plastic Groove" (RotPG) that is dedicated in delivering the best in electronic music from all over the globe featuring world class DJ's oftentimes performing live sets on the weekly broadcast. The show airs every Friday night from 8pm - 10pm (PST) and broadcasts live and direct from the University of California (Irvine, CA) at KUCI 88.9fm and also streaming worldwide at You can also find KUCI streaming on iTunes under Public Radio / KUCI. RotPG, Orange County’s top rated electronic dance music show, features many styles of music such as breaks, house, electro, progressive, minimal, tech house, techno, trance and drum & bass. RotPG regularly hosts world class DJ's and producers such as Sasha, John Digweed, Paul Van Dyk, Taylor, Christopher Lawrence, Juan Atkins, Skylab 2000, Bassland, Electric Skychurch, Omar Santana, Scott Bradford (Lexicon Avenue), Tom Stephan, Fred De Neef, David Alvarado, Rachael Starr, Simply Jeff and Faust & Shortee just to name a few. To hear the finest in electronica from all spectrums of sound, tune in every Friday night to KUCI 88.9fm from 8pm to 10pm.

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