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RotPG – Dennis Simms 09/29/2017

Mixed by Dennis Simms


  1. Boy Bianchi, Joris Voorn – Fireworks – Joris Voorn Remix
  2. 123XYZ – It’s Back (Original Mix)
  3. Aitor Ronda – Tornado
  4. Alexander Fog – Pulse
  5. Apexape – Joy & Pain (Club Mix)
  6. Audion Feat. Troels Abrahamsen – Dem Howl (Joris Voorn Mix)
  7. Dema – Smoking (Original Mix)
  8. Count Sinca – Space Cow (Pablo Acenso & Juan Deminicis Mix)
  9. DJ Fronter – I Feel It (Alex Poxada Remix)
  10. Hot Since 82 – Don’t Touch the Alarm (Original Mix)
  11. Hotspot & Komaroff – Senses (Original Mix)
  12. Ida Engberg – Silhouette Of A Ghost (Original Mix)
  13. Joal – Exercise
  14. Joel Armstrong – Rise & Fall – Joel Armstrong vs. Timo Rozendal Mix
  15. Josh Butler – Feelings Meanings
  16. K3, Alice Lascelles – Play To Win – Radioslave Remix
  17. Kid Massive – Let Yourself (NTFO Mix)
  18. Kingstown & Pete Tong – I Lost My Mind
  19. Manu Riga – A Sense of Hope [Alfonso Muchacho Remix]
  20. Marc Romboy vs. Gui Boratto – Eurasia (Gui’s Version) [feat. Luciana Villanova]
  21. Mash – I Believed In You (Original Mix)
  22. Mattia Pompeo – Material Life
  23. Nico Lahs – Devotion (Original Mix)

RotPG – Jesse One 09/22/2017 live video from RidersOfThePlasticGroove on

JESSE ONE hails from Redlands California.  An original SoCal DJ (still and ONLY spinning vinyl).  He’s had multiple residencies in California, Las Vegas, Florida and Mexico, clubs, raves & radio stations.  Worked & spun for the legendary DMC Records in Hollywood on Melrose for a long time…(imagine his vinyl collection!).  Besides “true” underground house/minimal-tech-acid, Jesse also loves classic rock (Pink Floyds’ his favorite) & classic alternative (like The Smiths, Joy Division, The Cure…etc.).  Currently, he’s working on his first EP and would love to collaborate.


Besides his family, his other loves/passions are graffiti (which he also does), MMA, great movies-documentaries and anything to do with space.  JESSE ONE would love to spin at your club or “party”… provide the Technics (but he has his set too J)….and he’ll bring the grooves.  Jesse believes in LGBT and would love to spin at dope West Hollywood clubs.  His current employment is sales, design, and marketing of custom wheels.  Lastly, he proudly served in the US Army.


Give him a listen here:

Reach to JESSE ONE here:

Ritual… FREE ALL NIGHT – 09/15/2017


We will be doing a live stream from Ritual from 8pm to 10pm featuring 2 Reels. You can watch and listen live at

Come by and join the party! You must be 21 and over.

RotPG – Timothy Erickson 09/08/2017

Tonight’s guest was Timothy Erickson


Timothy Erickson, known earlier as DJ Gumpie, was first turned on to electronic dance music when a friend popped a Ron D. Core mixtape in the deck on the way back from Disneyland. A short time later, Timothy attended his first party, a smaller daytime event put on by Moontribe in 1996, an event that was the genesis of a lifelong love affair with the underground dance scene, the music, and the community. In the ensuing years, Timothy would go on to acquire a pair of 1200s, and spend every payday at the record store scouring the bins with close friends for tracks that stirred his inner groove. Those same “record run” friends would go on to form a small underground production crew in the late 90s, Pezz Productions, which aimed to throw events with the community at the center and always finding never experienced dance floors.Later, as it became more difficult to find indoor venues for the community, he went on to found a new production crew, Luv-A-Lot Productions, which focused on putting on smaller outdoor events. Through the years Timothy, as a DJ and party promoter, has always kept his love for the music and the community as his foundation on and off the dance floor. Known for his seamless mixes and emotional/mind-bending sets, whether mixing uplifting progressive trance or hard psychedelic grooves, Timothy has been rocking underground dance floors through three decades, with no end in sight.Links: list:RomanRai – inspirationJaia vs. French Kisz – drifting planetTegma – east block cccp mixSensient – sublimeYotopia- believeMidimiliz – 10,000 wattsMinimal criminal – disco shitMinimal criminal – eulenschreiMagus- stepladder – sensient remixTetraktys – quietSensient – madmans playroom and Wookie beats feat MosesSensient – tech messageOne tasty morsel – two more bonesCujorious – one gelfing gaggleSensient – ballisticTegma – needafixSensient – file not foundLogic bomb – shadow of the beast- psypilot remixX-dream – marchThe higher human form – I hear them callTantrumz- fiddlestix – Sensum remix
Be sure to check this out!
Click here for more info
Ritual 09 15 2017

Omakase Show – 08/27/2017

Omakase08272017Tonight I was honored to guest dj on Omakase that airs on 88.9fm KUCI in Irvine, CA every Sunday from 6pm to 8pm with host Gold Code.
Here is my mix hope you enjoy it.

Omakase – Dennis Simms 8/27/17

  1. Djuma Soundsystem, Shades Of Gray, Hallo Halo – Madness – Hallo Halo Remix
  2. Allies for Everyone, Kohra – Bite My Tongue – Kohra’s Dub Dreamwork
  3. Alaia & Gallo, Kevin Haden – Who Is He? (feat. Kevin Haden)
  4. Rene Amesz – Like It Deep – Original Mix
  5. Andrea Oliva – Vermona – Original Mix
  6. CamelPhat – Make ‘Em Dance – Original Mix
  7. Friend Within, Kideko – Burnin’ Up
  8. Milk & Sugar, Barbara Tucker, Mat.Joe – My Lovin – Mat.Joe Radio Edit
  9. Natch! & Dothen – Supaman
  10. Dennis Cruz – See Line – Wade Remix
  11. Kuo Climax, Dennis Cruz – Tomorrow – Dennis Cruz Remix
  12. The Fog, Chus & Ceballos – Been a Long Time – Mark Knight Remix
  13. Dauwd – Jupiter George
  14. The Acid – Ghost (Maya Jane Coles Remix)


Also, I will be playing at Ritual located at The Kitsch Bar in Costa Mesa on Friday, September 15, 2017. We will be starting at 8pm and doing Riders of the Plastic Groove Live from Kitsch Bar from 8pm – 10pm with 2 Reels guest djing. I will then dj from 11pm to close.  Come by and say hi…. It’s FREE ALL NIGHT!

Ritual 09 15 2017

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