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RotPG – Stop Plate Techtonics, Engineeer & Guisepe 02/24/2017

In celebration of 3/3, we are having acid artists do their thing LIVE in-studio.. this is all-acid all live! Featuring:

Stop Plate Techtonics.




RotPG – #FOFN 02/05/2016

Vincent specializes in hardware-only live PA performances, drawing inspiration from the masters past and present to create dark, pounding techno.

JAX (#FOFN/Viva La Tech)
Jax Representing the Los Angeles underground scene since 96″,known for his Dark Techno and Acid sets. Jax has had the opportunity to take his music on the road to events in and out of the state and country.

RotPG – #FOFN 10/02/2015

Experience the spectacular premier performance of the #FOFNSYNTHPHONY. Toast the start of a new fall season while KUCI 89.9 Riders of the Plastic Groove offers an experimental musical evening: The sounds of the #FOFN SYNTHPHONY.


Led by Conductor Marcelino di Videlati, the #FOFN SYNTHPHONY presents a modern classical piece –
TB303 in 3 minor.
>> click here for audio archive <<

The Analog and digital sections will feature such stunning artists such as
James Bernard (aka Influx, Cybertrax, Expansion Union),
Abe Mora (of VidelaMora)
Marcel Videla (of VidelaMora)
and Giuseppe Testa.

Photos by Peter Vincent

RotPG – #FOFN 09/04/2015

Riders of the Plastic Groove by Dennis Simms presents:
Live PA sets by Friends of Friends Network (#FOFN) members
ABE MORA // V1NC3NT // MAXBETTA // DPSM & Jeff Smiley live flute


+-+-+ Tonight’s running order: first up is DPSM, followed by Vinc3nt, Max Betta then Abe Mora to close it out. +-+-+

ABE MORA (#FOFN, Club Synth)
Los Angeles Native Abe Mora has been exploring the realm of Techno since the mid 90’s. First starting off as a DJ then eventually moving on to Music production. He now pushes his sound forward while experimenting in the Darker Realm of Techno.

New as an artist but a member of the scene since the early 90s, Vincent draws inspiration from techno’s vast history on both sides of the pond to create dark, pounding techno.

MAXBETTA (#FOFN, Acid Varsity)
MaxBetta came from the future, any more information and you will have to be terminated.

DPSM (#FOFN, Anything Fresh, Freeclouds)
While still collecting a variety of records from Music Market in Costa Mesa, in 1989 I started attending a spot in Laguna Beach named,”Club Post Nuclear,” which introduced me to DJ Robin, an eclectic DJ with a wide variety of tastes. Robin would throw in sounds from Nine Inch Nails, Front 242, Psychic TV, Kraftwerk, Skinny Puppy while mixing in newer artists like Guru Josh, Meat Beat Manifesto and Prodigy. I started buying more “Techno” based music from labels such as Underground Resistance, XL Recordings and R&S from Noise, Noise, Noise in Costa Mesa.
Then it happened- the opening of Dr. Freecloud’s Record Shoppe in Costa Mesa where all of my vinyl and electronic dreams came true. Since it’s opening I have been a loyal customer and friend to the store which supplies me with a plethora of releases.
Throughout the years I have played at various parties and through my other musical endeavors (Fantastic Planet) have even had my 15 minutes of fame opening for Blink 182 and The Black Eyed Peas in 1998.
I represent Dr. Freecloud’s Record Shoppe, Anything Fresh and my newest partnership with #FOFN (Friends of Friends Network), three associations I am very proud to be a part of.
I love music for music’s sake. There are benefits that come along with playing and networking but the experience should never be tarnished by an over active ego, it just gets in the way and you’ll probably “train wreck” anyway.


You can listen on the air KUCI 88.9 FM or…

To listen manually: -Open your MP3 player, click on ‘play/open location’ type / paste

Video stream for live guest can be found at:

You can also listen to us on your Android or iPhone by downloading the “TuneIn Radio” application for FREE in your phone’s App Store! After you download the app just search for “KUCI”.

RotPG – Mellinfunk 02/20/2015


Tonight’s guest MELLINFUNK!!!
>> click here for audio archive <<

One of the original godfathers of LA underground, DJ Mellinfunk has been sending
crowds over the edge since 1989. Known for being R.A.W’s first partner, Mellinfunk is recognized for a heart thumping variety of old school, techno, jungle, hard acid techno and playing hip hop acapellas over his own sick beats. In 1998 he started a jungle music label called Mainline Records. With over 50 mixes under his belt, Mellinfunk produced 2 of the biggest selling mixed tapes of all time. He’s killed crowds all across Europe and just about every state in the US including legendary shows like Grape Ape, Technostate, No-doz, What, and Love Parade. Now since returning to rock the scene in 2012 Mellinfunk fired up the decks once again to blow away new and returning fans and has solidified himself as So Cals Leading Acid Techno Performer. To put it simply, in the genre of Acid Techno it’s just not a party without the Techno Viking!


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