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RotPG – Big Cee 06/03/2016


Chris “Big Cee” Legaspi has been a staple in the Los Angeles house music community for the last 10 years. He was mostly remembered for being “the guy in the robe”, but for the last 7 years most know “Cee” for his amazing sets at clubs such as “Does your mama know?”, “Gravy”, countless after-hour parties and the the one he holds closest to his heart, “DEEP-L.A. where house lives…”.
“Man, working with Marques for all these years has been a great learning process for me.” Cee explains, “Old dirty (Wyatt) has taught me that this is more than a party, also that when your involved with something like “Deep”, the microscope is always gonna be on you.” Marques told “Cee” when he’s out on the town he is not only representing him- self, he is representing his family and he caries the “Deep” flag where ever he goes. “Yeah, really.” says Cee while he tweaks the levels on the mixer,”That talk with Marques changed my life.
If you knew me in the “Robe days”, you’ll know what I’m talkng about.” Working at “Deep” Cee has had opprotunities to open for some of house musics biggest dj’s in the game, dj’s like Timmy Regisford, Louie Vega, Dj Yellow, Ben Watt, the legendary Lil Louis, Mark Farina and an endless list of whos who in house music. “Those guys are all great dj’s, but the best thing about all those guys is that I had an opprotunity to become close friends with all of them.” says Cee. Cee has had the pleasure of spreading his musical message across the Atlantic Ocean, spinning in Rome. “That was a geat trip, great food, nicest people you will ever meet(except the cab driver who tried to charge us 400 euro for a cab ride”). “Cee” is no stranger to hosting his own events, besides “DEEP” Cee has brought such djs as Roy Davis jr, Terrance Wagner, Eddie Amadore and countless others to his events “Put cho’ hands up”, “the bbq’s” and his sunday afterhours.
Cee speaks of moving forward and trying not to hang on to the “old days”, ” I believe we have to move forward and start building off of the foundation that guys like Marques, Louie and Doc Martin have layed for us.” Cee explains “don’t get me wrong, those days were great, the music was great and there will never be days like that again, but we got to create our own memories, so the new family members can look back 10 years from now and say remember this and that”.
On March 24, 2005 Cee became a father to Cayla Rayanne Legaspi, which he calls “His greatest accomplishment yet.” Cee says, ” Man, Im someones dad, thats wild.” She helps Cee realize that in a second your life can change and its up to you to Step upto the plate and Do what you have to do. “I love being a father!” Cee says, “Cayla is my everything, i breathe because of her, I wake up every morning because of her. She’s my will to WIN!” Cee continues to play and has been spending more time in the studio.


RotPG – Dennis Simms 03/11/2016

Tonight I will be giving away a pair of tickets for  Serenity Gathering.

Track List: RotPG 03-11-2016 mixed by DENNIS SIMMS

Num. Title Artist
01. Flash Back (Daniel Imhof Remix) – Midnight Pulse
02. Lasso (Original Mix) – Digitaline
03. The Rolls (Funk D’Void remix) – Martin Eyerer
04. Second Nature Soul – Clitterhouse
05. This Place Is Empty Without You – Tigerskin
06. Cascadia – Smash Tv
07. I Wish – Ponty Mython
08. God Key – Smash Tv
09. Feel Ya (Original Mix) – Return Of The Jaded
10. Happy Deep – Jhon Denas
11. No Excuse (Original Mix) – Avance
12. Land Of Lost (Original Mix) – Kalden Bess
13. Phonic Accent (Original Mix) – Ray Okpara & Bunte Bummler
14. Flash (Feat. Yasha) – Dan Caster
15. Antiheld – Daniel Helmstedt
16. Undergrowth feat. Sean Bradford (Simone Vitullo Remix) – Beatkind
17. Popcorn – Hife & Bazaar
18. Shattered (Jonas Saalbach Remix) – Dahu, MPathy
19. Overnight Sensation (Miguel Bastida Remix) – Affkt, Thomas Gandey
20. Travelling (Mark Lahsen Remix) – Luis Del Vecchio
21. Rising Silence (Oliver Schories Remix) – Soul Button & Blancah

RotPG – Dennis Simms 02/26/2016

Riders of the Plastic Groove mix that aired on Friday Feb. 26, 2016 on 88.9fm KUCI in Irvine, CA mixed by DENNIS SIMMS. |

Num. Title Artist
01. Invisible (U Won’t C Me) (Sonny Fodera ITH Edit) – Sonny Fodera, Mystic Bill
02. Alone (Juloboy Remix) – Deeperise
03. Time To Get Physical (Sonny Fodera Remix) – NiCe7
04. Peaceful World (Rishi K. Remix) – ChixUnighted
05. Sundea Garden (Original Mix) – Airdice
06. In Spirals – Benoit Gagnon, Massimiliano Pagliara
07. Slave to Our Happiness (Turm 3 & Soulbirdz Remix) – Erman Erim
08. Wild Wild Johnny (Original Mix) – Demid Rezin
09. Wobbler – Patrick Chardronnet
10. About Time feat. Elisabeth Troy – Low Steppa
11. Keep On (Original Mix) – Leftwing & Kody
12. Spiraling – YokoO / Morgan
13. Time to Waste (Mauro Basso Remix) – Ariane Blank & Albena Flores
14. Animals – Stephane Lumiere
15. Give It Back (Original Mix) – Deepjack, Andrey Keyton feat. Irina Gi
16. M25 (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) – Brynjolfur
17. Time (Brad Rock Remix) – digital DNK, Lenie
18. You Neva Know – Moomin
19. Unconditional Beauty (Wonder Mix) – Soulnight
20. Der Zauber – Lars Neubert
21. Re-Up – Harold Heath
22. Back And Forth – Nina Schatz
23. Rookie (Luca Cassani Remix) – Allas

Next week we will have Kentrol live in studio so be sure to tune in.. The show will also be video streamed live as well.

RotPG – Jamie Thinnes 02/12/2016


Texas born Jamie Thinnes transplanted to the LA area as a young teenager and was quickly seduced by the intriguing sounds found in the wee hours, in the abundant warehouses, loft spaces and odd locations scattered throughout southern California. Early on, house music crept into Jamie’s soul and has been his guiding light ever since. Quickly becoming an underground favorite in the early ‘90s, Jamie forged his unique and captivating sound in a wide variety of Los Angeles environs – from full scale nightclubs to many a dark and dirty after-hours, from sunny beaches to ultra exclusive, all-night house parties. His trademark deep, spiritual rhythms and low frequency grooves never fail to keep the dancefloor marching in time to sunrise and beyond. A master mixer and programmer behind the decks, Jamie’s unwavering devotion to house shines through with every twist of the knob and every slide of the fader.
In 1996, Jamie’s musical vision blossomed and founded Earthtones Recordings. After 10 highly regarded releases, Earthtones was forced to change its name due to trademark issues. Seasons Recordings was born. 16 years in existence, with a heavy catalog of class act releases featuring Franck Roger, Olivier Portal, John Cutler, Dj Spinna, Anto Vitale, Charles Webster, Boddhi Satva, Black Coffee and Jamie himself, to name a few, Seasons has truly evolved into one of the premier house music imprints worldwide. While countless other labels have faded away or tried to re-invent themselves with a new sound every few years, Seasons, and its revered Seasons Ltd. sub-label, have stood the test of time with consistent, quality house music that’s based on an unshakeable foundation of musicality, soulful delivery and infectious grooves.


RotPG – G-Mo & CanCun Joey 01/29/2016


RotPG – Cancun Joey & G-Mo 01/29/2016 from Riders of the Plastic Groove on Vimeo.

Guillermo Arce started djing in 2007. The whole reason why Guillermo Arce got turntables was so that he could become a hip hop/scratch. But that didn’t work out because he couldn’t get into it. A year later after he almost called it quits & started working at Paul Frank under Juan Mendes who introduced him to house, industrial and techno music. Guillermo Arce started going to record shows with my coworkers to start a vinyl collection. His collection grew after 2 years of nonstop buying records but didn’t know how to mix. YouTube was new at the time and it was going to be the future so he decided look up how to mix vinyl tutorials and after a few days & got it down. His friend Dan Sena from Dim Mak records asked him to start a night at Detroit bar in Costa Mesa with him. Saying it’ll be fun! We get paid! We get to dj and we drink for free!
Guillermo Arce almost didn’t do it because he doesn’t drink and rather just play at home by myself. But I am so glad I decided to do it because I have meet a lot of fun interesting people & play at big places and have opened up for big acts like Major Lazer, Crystal Castles, Datarock, Peter Hook of Joy Division / New Order, Afrika Bambaataa, Skrillex, The Presets, Flosstradamus, Arabian Prince, Steve Aoki, Cut Chemist, Wolfgang Gartner, Mstrkrft and the list goes on…



Cancun Joey:
Cancun Joey is an open format DJ that’s been around for about 10yrs. He has played some great parties such as Sellout Saturdays (with FakeRich), Obey Radio, Mute97, Busywork, Sweaterfunk SF & Dubstrike to name a few. He’s played alongside and opened for many talented DJs/Producers but some of his favorites are Dan Sena, efbystereo, Egyptian Lover, Free The Robots, DJ Klever, Arabian Prince, Them Jeans, Nate Day of Camo UFOs, Thee Mike B, Flinch, True Pseudo, Ride The Universe, Mixmaster Mike, & Garth Trinidad of KCRW. You can still catch Cancun Joey playing in OC/LA regularly with his DJ crews & collectives Uptown Boogie, Rewind Thirstdayz & Combat Ready.

Instagram: @cancunjoey

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