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RotPG – Dennis Simms 02/09/2018

  1. Kalipo – Perspicientia
  2. Oberst & Buchner, Mimu, Rampue – Doves – Rampue Remix
  3. Rafael Cerato – Sekater
  4. Andreas Henneberg – Skirmish
  5. Andy Bros – Pleiadi
  6. Howling – Phases – Club Edit
  7. Maribou State, Sasha – Rituals – Sasha Remix
  8. Stephan Bodzin – Powers of Ten – Maceo Plex & Shall Ocin Remix
  9. Patrice Bäumel – Glutes
  10. Downtown Party Network, Eglė Sirvydytė, Mario Basanov – Space Me Out – Mario Basanov Remix
  11. HVOB – Azrael
  12. Benotmane – Beyond – Karmon Remix
  13. Anna – Redemption
  14. Jerome Isma-Ae, Alastor – Fiction – Extended Mix
  15. Le Jeune Flueck, Township Rebellion – Foenix – Township Rebellion Remix
  16. Miyagi, Gregorythme – Take Me to Your Paradise – Gregorythme Remix
  17. Pale Blue – Acid Waves
  18. Rey & Kjavik – Baba City – Original Mix
  19. Tonny San, Mr Wox – Glamour Beats – Mr. Wox Remix
  20. Giorgia Angiuli – Everything Changes
  21. Human Machine – 146 – Original Mix

RotPG – Nonfiction & Missy B 06/23/2017

f it’s one thing he’s sure of, it’s that Nonfiction isn’t going any where, he’s here to stay. He’s been in the game way too long and experienced too many amazing nights that turned into amazing mornings. Too many amazing vibes both on the dance floor and behind the decks to even consider doing anything else.

Djing for over 19 years, Nonfiction is a well respected festival regular and a 13 year resident of the world famous house club, Focus in Newport Beach with his partner and good friend Josh Billings. When not djing or producing, heavy doses of Hip Hop, Classic Rock, Funk, and Reggae all contribute to his style and sound and continue to influence him heavily.

Music production has more recently become an equally important outlet for his expression. A lot of the music he produces, he uses exclusively in his own sets to set him apart from the pack. If you want to hear those songs, he’s the only one who has them.

His actual official releases include remixing the mighty Green Velvet twice (“The Percolator” / “Millie Vanilli”), and releasing music on legendary labels Relief, Cajual, Farriswheel, Robsoul and now on his own label, UDM Records.

He’s seen the trends come and go, but, he’s dedicated himself to the culture and knows that this is his life calling. No one can predict the future, but you can safely assume that Nonfiction will still be djing and dedicated to music for as long as he lives.

Perspective – Josh Billings (Nonfiction Remix)

2015|Digital|UDM Records|, catalog #UDM001

Written By, Josh Billings

feat: MANIK Remix and Original

All You Got- Nonfiction

2015|Digital|Get Up Recordings NY|, catalog #GUR036

Written By, Nonfiction

feat: Gene Farris and Joeski Remixes

Millie Vanillie – Green Velvet feat Russoul (Nonfiction Remix)

2011|Digital|ReliefRecords|Millie Vanillie Unreleased Mixes

Written-By Curtis Jones aka Green Velvet, catalog #RR2050

Percolator – Cajmere (Nonfiction Remix)

2011|Digital|Cajual Records|Percolator Unreleased Mixes

Written-By Curtis Jones aka Cajmere, catalog #CAJ303

Nonfiction – Touch EP

2010|Vinyl|Bump Australia / BM 07

GO GO BIZKITT! – Stutterfunk EP

2010|File|Deepfunk Records|DFR014

Chuffrugg chuffrugg Pheeva! (Nonfiction remix … ) pheevanonfictionremix Nonfiction pheevamrcleansfrenchrevolution Mr. Clean

Various – Various Artists Sampler

2009|Vinyl|Robsoul Recordings|Robsoulltd21

monoman (4) Written-By, Producer Nonfiction Wr. Wonderful Nonfiction Written-By, Producer Joss Moog

Gene Farris featJ Dub (2) – Take Me Back Part 1

2009|All Media, All Media|Farris Wheel Recordings|026

2009 Electronic Hip-House James Curd Producer 1 J Dub (2) Vocals 1 Gene Farris’ Take Me Back gets an … Curd J Dub (2) Take Me Back Part 1 Gene Farris Producer … J Dub (2) Take Me Back Part 1 Farris Wheel Recordings 026 All Media EP All Media MP3 EP US 24 Jul, Nonfiction Remix

Chuck Love – Get Large Vol. 5

2009|CD|Large Records|LARCD016

Jr. Reach Nonfiction P Power J.T. Donaldson JT Donaldson Feat. Mr. Whitehead Read My Mind (JT’s Acid

Nonfiction – Orange County EP

2009|File|Motion Music (2) / MM007

Nonfiction – P Power EP

2009|File| Lost My Dog / MM007


Missy B
MissyB has been involved with dance music for over a decade. Wanting to do her part, she upgraded her involvement in the scene from club and underground photographer to DJ and Producer.
DJing since 2003, Missy has played throughout Southern California, Mexico and had the distinction of being one of the Rotating Residents for:

– Disney California Adventure’s ElecTRONica (2010-2012)

– Disney California Adventure’s Mad T Party (2012 – 2016)

– Disney California Adventure’s Grad Night (2012-2016)

– House of Blues, Anaheim (2015-current) Private Events/Opener for:
* Capital Cities
* Far East Movement
* Lil John
* Meghan Trainor
* Styx
* Aerosmith

– Insomniac Events: EDC Las Vegas, Escape, Countdown.

From Deep Tech House to Banging Electro- Missy weaves in and out of styles like a shark patrolling the waters in search of it’s prey. Killer instinct, with one foot in the DJ booth and the other on the dancefloor – the future looks bright for this rising star!
“I loved the underground/club/hip-hop/B-boy/”down South” house-party scene… (no, like at a real house). Aside from my older sisters and homies blasting the latest and taking me to the illest’ undergrounds, parties/massives in So. Cal., SF, T.J/Ensenada, it’s when I really started to develop my love and escape from life’s realities, sober too.

I loved the dancefloor. I LOVED dancing, music, expressing myself — it was my escape. Being front-and-center of the DJ — watching, learning, grooving or, in front of any side speaker, just vibin’, grooving and listening, watching… away from the crowds. This is where you would find me… just enough space to groove to all those influential DJ’s (at the time: DJ Heather, Colette, Green Velvet, Gene Farris, Todd Terry, Mark Farina, Diz, Doc Martin, Roger Sanchez just to name a few… the list goes on…)”.

Her music speaks volumes and better describes her than any bio could possibly do justice to.

– UDM Records


ladylush djs

RotPG – Dennis Simms 03/17/2017



  1. Martin Eyerer – The Cake (Markus Homm Remix)
  2. Trent Cantrelle – All Of Them (Original Mix)
  3. Amari – Cult Vision
  4. Audien – Rise and Shine (Progressive Mix)
  5. Audio Noir feat. Lokka Vox – Your Love (Original Mix)
  6. Audision – Prelude (Gebruder Teichmann Rebeat It Mix)
  7. Behrouz – Beatbox (Muzzaik Remix)
  8. East Cafe – Indian Summer (GMJ Seasonal Shift Mix)
  9. Eddy Good – Analysis Paralysis (Matan Caspi Remix)
  10. Eidly – Endless Summer
  11. Erol Alkan – Sub Conscious (Tin Man Remix)
  12. Erphun – Brush Fire (Original Mix)
  13. Erphun – Verbatim (Original Mix)
  14. Good & Plenty – Twice The Bass (Original Mix)
  15. Gregor Tresher – A Thousand Nights (Dubfire Quiet Storm Remix)
  16. Gregor Tresher – Goliath
  17. Guy J – Under Pressure (Original Mix)
  18. James Zabiela & Nic Fanciulli – No Pressure (Deadmau5 Remix)
  19. John Belk – Silver Surfer
  20. Kastis Torrau feat. Amber Long – Menace
  21. PQM – You Are Sleeping (Matador Remix)
  22. Puff Daddy – Tourist Trap (Visionquest Remix)

RotPG – Dennis Simms 01/20/2017


Track List: RotPG 01-20-2017

Num. Title Artist
01. Wizard (FabioTek Remix) – Sopik
02. Espoir – Locood
03. One More (Original Mix) – Cele
04. Ganja Farm (Joshua Puerta Remix) – Oscar Poulsen, Joshua Puerta
05. Twat Lickin (Samu L Remix) – Roberto Apodaca & Le Disxco
06. Alpha (Original Mix) – Zafari Dub
07. Dream Maker (Original Mix) – Inaki Cerqueira
08. Jungle – Jett
09. To Make The Change (Original Mix) – FlexB
10. Circuitry – Calar
11. Ramba Zamba – Melokind
12. Riviera – Alessandro Cicchelli
13. L’Orange (Original Mix) – Conorfm
14. Not Enough (Original Mix) – Phutek
15. Echoes – Matthias Weise
16. Pull My Soul (Original Mix] – Rishi K. & Allan Zax
17. Muer (Extended mix) – Keyklova
18. MO2 (Original Mix) – M.Akissi
19. Clear Visions (Nick Olivetti Remix) – Marc Spence
20. Thee Weekend (Original Mix) – Thee Cool Cats
21. GarGa (Original Mix) – Eddy Romero
22. Sequence – SecondCity & Hauswerks
23. Balloons (AKA AKA & Thalstroem Remix) – Nils Hoffmann
24. An Electric Rejuvenation (Original Mix] – Milford
25. Paradis (Fabian Hohlfeldt Remix) – Miss Luna feat. Oceane
26. Us and Them – Moonwalk
27. A Solitary Encounter – Smallest Mountain
28. Taubenhaucher – Steve Nash
29. Blue Bird (Abstraxion Remix) – Circle of Life
30. All Night (Original Mix) – Juan DDD Celic
31. Di. rty Old Chap – Paul Hazendonk
32. Clockworks (Marcus Whitted Modern Soul Remix] – Echoforce
33. Outer Journey (David R Maddocks Remix] – Tom H
34. Global – Noise & Breithaupt
35. Save Your Soul – Nadizan
36. Every Day (Club Mix) – Sandro Schaufler
37. Feel It Greg Siokos Prog Remix – Orelse
38. Like A Dream (Marc DePulse Remix) – Xenia Beliayeva
39. Brotherhood Subconscious Tales
40. Waiting – Electricano
41. Wolkentanz – Polina Play
42. Casual (Popp & Popp Remix) – Roman Jones & Hendrik Zoe

RotPG – Dennis Simms 12/23/2016

Track List: RotPG 12-23-2016

Num. Title Artist
01. Something In The Air (Bonobo remix) – Maya Jane Coles
02. Don’t Need You (feat. Stephanie Kay) – Lev Kitkin
03. Desdoblarte (Original Mix) – Agustin Basulto
04. Isolation (Original Mix) – Tumabaeff
05. Borracho – Janca
06. Mercury (Martin Waslewski remix) – Yates
07. Mexico Can Wait (Gabriel Ananda Remix) – Roland Klinkenberg feat. DJ Remy
08. Volver – Stelios Vassiloudis
09. Follow You Down – Just Her
10. Tyler Durden (Original Mix) – Eekkoo
11. Yes I Do (original mix) – Lee Stark & IDKW
12. The Message (Yves Murasca & Rosario Galati remix) – Mario Cruz
13. Call To Me (Club Mix) – Sharam, Daniel Bedingfield
14. Silverlake Pills (Gui Boratto Remix) – Adam Freeland
15. The Baguio Track (Victor Ruiz Remix) – Luzon
16. M25 (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) – Brynjolfur
17. Friends Kiss (Original Mix) – M.A.N.D.Y.
18. Carried On (feat. Thomas Gandey – Betoko remix) – Pete Grace
19. Venom (original mix) – Paji
20. Healer (House Mix) – Bushwacka!

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