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RotPG- Dennis Simms 06/16/2017

Hope you enjoyed tonight’s show. Next week we will have live in studio NONFICTION and Missy B.

Be sure to tune in and watch our live video stream on line.

Mix by Dennis Simms

  1. Soundsperale – Memory (Original Mix)
  2. LIZOT – Einfach Nur Weg (feat. Jason Anousheh) [Sascha Kloeber Remix]
  3. DJ Kristina Mailana – Forget Me Not (Original Mix)
  4. LazySofa – Penelope (Original Mix)
  5. Mowonic – Found My Way (Original Mix)
  6. Oliver Nickels – Where Could We Be Dreaming (Original Mix)
  7. West.K – Again & Again (Anton Ishutin Remix)
  8. Lessovsky – Packed The World In The Boxes (Original Mix)
  9. Crystal Shakers – Stand Alone (Original Mix)
  10. Francesco Parla – Leguan
  11. Harvaro – Leaving You (Original Mix)
  12. Ibiza House Party – Mescalito
  13. Ivory – Night Shadows (Original Mix]
  14. Rob Pearson – Deep Feeling (Dave Brennan Mix)
  15. Hardcopy – Give It to Me
  16. Nipocra – The Thin Blue Line
  17. Fernando de Sá – Do You Know (Original Mix)
  18. Lucas Blanco, Lev Akro – El Beso
  19. Recovery Mafia – The Night (Original Mix)
  20. Phonista – Volition
  21. Robert Furrier – Can You Believe (Original Mix)
  22. Zapotec – Short Slices (Dan Rubell Remix)
  23. Andrea Bertolini – Ancient Asia
  24. Anna V – Cryogenesis (The Reactivitz Remix)
  25. Martin’s – Militare (KoZY Remix)
  26. Woo York – Atlantis
  27. Darren Emerson – Stop It (Original Mix)

RotPG – Dennis Simms 06/02/2017

Tonight’s show was mixed by DENNIS SIMMS.


  1.  Younotus – Sundaze (Stereo Express Remix)
  2. Arnas D, Gemma – The Edge (Omid 16B Edit)
  3. Artur Achziger – Deep Sympathy (Roman Beise Remix)
  4. AudioStorm – Pacific Waves (Alfonso Muchacho Remix]
  5. Brian Cid – Belles Du Shaman (Eagles & Butterflies Remix)
  6. Daniel Trim – Novi (Oxia Remix)
  7. Dave Nash – Open Mind (Original Mix)
  8. Desaturate – The Call (Rick Pier O’Neil Remix)
  9. Eri D – Caribbean Sunset (Original Mix)
  10. Feral Creatures – Fake Friends (Original Mix)
  11. Mason Alexander – Wonderstruck (Original MIx)
  12. Murr, Rosina – Dive Into the Deepest feat. Rosina (Maceo Plex Remix)
  13. Pig&Dan – Unsung Hero (Original Mix)
  14. Polina play – Sleepless Hagen Stoklossa Remix
  15. Rishi K. – Circular (Yuriy From Russia Remix)
  16. Stergios – Bass Song
  17. Vangelis Kostoxenakis – Last Minute (Original Mix)
  18. Kevin Saw & Sultan F – Recognition (Alfonso Muchacho Remix)
  19. Stiven Rivic & Michael & Levan – Follow Me (Yoram Remix)
  20. The Steals feat. Jayn Hanna – Golden (Jimmy Van M & Luis Junior Remix)

RotPG – Dennis Simms 05/19/2017

Aaron Gehrig – Addicted (Original Mix)
Yogi & Husky – My World (Original Mix)
Alf & Gio – My Name Is (Guti Legatto Remix)
White Resonance – Reborn
André Hommen – First Serve
Karmon – Outline (Original Mix)
Me & My Monkey & Joris Dee – Let You Know
Ugur Project – Cruel (Original Mix)
Underground Formation – Atoms
Whowhat – Ha Ha Ha 783 (Original Mix)
Squep Piratenkind – Been Here Before (Original Mix)
Virtual Minimal – Analog World
Franz Costa – Play The Music (Original Mix)
Dispoise – Escape
Jake Childs – Bound to This Earth (Original Mix)
Tom Laws – Carcass (Original Mix)
Transitive Feelings – Bust a Groove
Zendoya – Liendo Valley
Paul Lancaster – Night Vision (Tigerhook’s Bye-Knock-U-Lars Mix) [CP Recordings]
Andre Crom – Syncopate (Original Mix)
Chris Alder – Bass Killer
Debirski – Charon (Original Mix)
Envy – Falling (High Vocal Pass) [Yoshitoshi Recordings 2002]
Futureshock – Sparc [Fuju Records 2000]
Moonface – Futurized Fears [Bedrock Records 2000]
Luzon – The Baguio Track (Saeed & Palash Addictive Remix) [Yoshitoshi Recordings

RotPG – Dennis Simms 05/12/2017

Jonas Saalbach – Charon (Original Mix)
ChixUnighted – Peaceful World
Chasing Thoughts (Einmusik Remix) – Soul Button & Talul
Chocolate Avenue – I Want Everything (Deepjack & Mr.Nu Remix)
Corey Baker, Louie Fresco – Baked Fresh (Original Mix)
Darlyn Vlys – Past Decade
Deep Sound Effect – Rain Is Gone feat. Irina Makosh (Legendary Boy Remix)
Edward, Oskar Offerman – What Have We Become (Original Mix)
Flight Facilities – Stand Still (feat Micky Green – Mario Basanov remix)
Following Light – Obscure (Tomek Remix)
Hot Tuneik – Snake (Original Mix)
jBam – Hold out Your Hand (Original Mix)
Jonas Saalbach – Charon (Original Mix)
Joris Voorn – Homeland feat Matthew Dear (&ME Remix)
Justin Marchacos – Giants Cast Shadows (Original Mix)

RotPG – Dennis Simms 04/14/2017

First off please keep my mom in your prayers and well wishes. She just had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from her brain. The type of cancer is very aggressive and is called Glioblastoma. So please all I ask is for your prayers and positive thoughts.

Next weeks show will be on line only due to the UCI broadcast of the Baseball game so be sure to check us out on line at with our guest DJ LOOMER.

Tonight’s track list:

Bondi – Red Beard
Dominik Eulberg – Das Ibizenkische Wohlfuhlaroma
Chaim – Blue Shadow (Original Mix)
Brian Cid – Belles Du Shaman (Eagles & Butterflies Remix)
Danny Serrano & Hector Couto – You Crazy (Original Mix)
Dave Nash – Open Mind (Jamie Anderson Remix)
Digitaria – Little Boy
Booka Shade – Crossing Borders Feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner (Thodoris Triantafillou & CJ Jeff Vs. M)
Boss Axis – Breighties (Original Mix)
Citizenn – Lady feat. Aisha (Sidney Charles & Sante Remix)
Dave Angel – Keep It
Chris Geka & Tecca – Arago (Original Mix)
Christian Smith & Wehbba – Mutate (Original Mix)
Dataworx – Trauma
Cari Lekebusch – Tilted (Original Mix)
Chris Fortier – Twinkle Me (Hypnotic Duo Remix)
Darmec – Strife (Matt Mus Remix)
Dave Seaman – Gobbledygook (Jori Hulkkonen Remix)
Eric Kanzler – The Lord
Carel – Hurricane
Marco G, Amin Golestan – Dagobert
Chris Fortier – Fattback (Android Cartel Remix)
C12 – Judy Hooked On Coke feat. Jole (DJ Odyssey Remix)

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