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RotPG – Stop Plate Techtonics & Acid Dealer 08/12/2016

13710592_774618855907919_5168515484760344988_oIn anticipation of the mega 1440 // 24-hour technothon happening August 20th, KUCI and #FOFN bring you a special 2nd warm up show from a couple of artists playing live at 1440. Catch these two live on FRI 08/12 for a preview of what will be in store for the techno-marathon.


LIVE PA artists:
– Acid dealer [ #FOFN / Whoopdee ] Los Angeles

– Stop Plate Techtonics. [ #FOFN / EMX Los Angeles]

RotPG – Emmy J & Crescendoll 08/05/2016

Marketing Videos


DJ’s for

Crescendoll (Wulfpack / DeepAura / Noise Revolt / Triptych/ #FOFN)

Techdlx ((in conjunction with #FOFN – Friends Of Friends Network – #FOFN)) presents a rare and challenging event for the party people of Los Angeles – a complete 24-hour marathon of techno. A powerful odyssey of dance music will be performed in both DJ and live PA formats offering a diversity of sound to carry you through this 24-hour journey. 24hours x 60 = 1440.

Guests –
– darkcube [ Detroit Techno Militia ] Detroit

– Influx [ Rising High / Isophlux] New York

– Thee-O [ Viva La Tech ] Los Angeles

– Robtronik [ #LBCTecho / Compression ] Long Beach

– VidelaMora [ #FOFN ] Pomona

– Scott Kirkland [ TCM ]

– Vincent [ #FOFN ] Orange County

– WMX [ Darkmatter Soundsystem ] Los Angeles

– Loyd [ The Cast Project / #FOFN ] Top Secret

– DPSM [ #FOFN / Dr. Freecloud’s Record Shoppe ] Los Angeles

– Natefrogg [ #FOFN ] Los Angeles

– Jax [ #FOFN / Viva La Tech ] Los Angeles

– Randy J [ Randy J ] Los Angeles

– Dj Eric Glaze (aka UGLY WOMAN) [ #FOFN ] Los Angeles

– Techdlx [ #FOFN ] Los Angeles

– Acid dealer [ #FOFN / Whoopdee ] Los Angeles

– Sarah Strandberg [ Offthe Grid / Cota Lab] Los Angeles

– Emmy J [ #FOFN / ] Los Angeles

– Crescendoll [ #FOFN / Disco Aliens ] Los Angeles

– Chris Mindel Elektrolyte [ #FOFN / Disco Aliens ] Los Angeles

– Daniel Batson [ #FOFN / Disco Aliens ] Los Angeles

– Ace January Los Angeles

– Azul Smurph Los Angels
*** birthday set

– Stop Plate Techtonics. [ #FOFN / EMX Los Angeles]

RotPG – Trippy Hippy & T.P. Bennet 07/22/2016


Hi-Desert Sound Sessions 2016.04.21

Live recording from 88.9fm KUCI in Irvine, CA on 04/21/2016. It has been a while since I have done a Hi-Desert Sound Session Mix so here you go. Hope you enjoy it.
~Dennis Simms

Num. Title – Artist
01. Wasserspielplatz (Original Mix) – Dirk Sid Eno
02. Childhood (Original Mix) – Chicola
03. The Glitch (Original mix) – Juelz Kello
04. Forget Me (Dark Mix) – Jazzuelle Lazarusman
05. The Fourth (Original Mix) – Chris Malinchak
06. Doom Doom – Vanilla Ace, illusionize, Chad Tyson
07. Electricity (Oliver Rees Remix) – Dots Per Inch
08. Songs Without Words – Milton Jackson
09. These Dreams (ft. Damon C. Scott) – Chris Malinchak
10. Hot 4 Cash – Lost & Found
11. Wide Open (Original Mix) – The Glitz
12. Between House (feat. Laura Zeta) [Luke DB & Frystal DJ Remix] – DJ Patisso, Alex Myna
13. Can’t Stop the Feeling – Mr Luke & Nicolas Saad
14. Dantze Boy (Original Mix) – Philip Bader, Nicone & Sascha Braemer
15. Aguna (Soukie & Windish Remix) – Dopish
16. Algae – GoldFFinch
17. This Is (Gustavo Domingues Remix) – Mendinn & Nazza Gustavo Domingues
18. Fe-Male (Pig&Dan Remix) – Shinedoe
19. Schöneberg (Donnacha Costello Remix) – Marmion
20. World Is Yours (Original Mix) – Apollo 84
21. Alegria – Agustin Chandia
22. Solace – Primi Rhys Samson Primi & Rhys Samson
23. Beije-Me (Mallorca Sunrise Mix) – Chris Malinchak


RotPG – Timothy Erickson aka DJ Gumpie 07/15/ 2016


Timothy Erickson, known earlier as DJ Gumpie, was first turned on to electronic dance music when a friend popped a Ron D. Core mixtape in the deck on the way back from Disneyland. A short time later, Timothy attended his first party, a smaller daytime event put on by Moontribe in 1996, an event that was the genesis of a lifelong love affair with the underground dance scene, the music and the community. In the ensuing years Timothy would go on to acquire a pair of 1200s, and spend every payday at the record store scouring the bins with close friends for tracks that stirred his inner groove. Those same “record run” friends would go on to form a small underground production crew in the late 90s, Pezz Productions, which aimed to throw events with community at the center, and always finding never experienced dance floors.
Later, as it became more difficult to find indoor venues for the community, he went on to found a new production crew, Luv-A-Lot Productions, which focused on putting on smaller outdoor events. Through the years Timothy, as a DJ and party promoter, has always kept his love for the music and the community as his foundation on and off the dance floor. Known for his seamless mixes and emotional/mind-bending sets, whether mixing uplifting progressive trance, or hard psychedelic grooves, Timothy has been rocking underground dance floors through three decades, with no end in sight.


** Next week we will have guest in talking about Cosmic Gardenz and playing some special sets.




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