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RotPG – Doctor Riboh (02/17/2012)

Doctor Riboh

Doctor Riboh

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When asked about the name ‘Doctor Riboh’ the proper explanation is that his name is Louis Raphael Riboh and Raphael translates to ‘The Lord Healed’ and is also the name of the biblical ‘Angel of healing’, the Riboh part is pronounced ‘Reebo’,

Doctor Riboh sees the only form of true ‘spiritual healing’ being Trance and House music and it can’t get more simple than that.

Doctor Riboh was born in south west london and grew up in several countries around the world and began Deejaying at the age of 13 where he would work as a paperboy before school in order to save up money to get the latest Trance and House vinyls at the weekends.

After high school, Doctor Riboh went on to producing at every spare minute of the day, living for years as a recluse in a dark bedroom honing in on every skill needed to penetrate the game with a bang.

Friday nights while his friends would be out hitting the clubs downtown, Doctor Riboh would be locked in to this same dark studio making endless music untill he felt finally ready to unleash his perfected sound onto Clubland.

It began with one of the official remixes of Altar – Sound Of Your Voice wich reached number 1 on and for weeks remained in the official beatport top 20. With several other remixes and original tracks floating around on the underground scene yet still reaching clubs all over from London to Paris and New york to Bombay The next big step for Doctor Riboh was to release an official single on one of either 2 labels CR2 records or Positiva who were the key labels at the time and so… Doctor Riboh hit the studio with a vengeance aiming for the winning formula, sent out his first full on demo and within 2 months got a contract through from CR2 records.

Doctor Riboh still proudly holds on tight to his roots in the Trance scene wich he has never really let go of and if anything incorporates into his own sounds of his more euphoric sounding house and progressive ‘floorfilling’ dance music as well as the commercial funky house side of his music.

With a passion for melodies and dark driving basslines Doctor Riboh is set to cause a Riboh-Lution on every dancefloor! Doctor Riboh has DJ’ed all over the globe from europe to middle east and far east and has Deejayed alongside Matt Darey, Al Wilson, Tristan D (Judgement Sundays), Matt Smallwood, JNR Jay, K Klass, Tristan Ingram and his very good friend Natalie Parker to name a few.

The average set from Doctor Riboh will consist of a severely hyperactive form of Dark Electro to cause hemorrhages on every dancefloor (You will see him on stage with his blood splattered doctor’s outfit on bodyrocking all over the place).

“Doctor Riboh is a great upcomming talent from the new generation with an absolute marvelous taste in music, watch out for this powerful studio machine !”

– Sven Maes – (Svenson and Geilen / Airscape / Balearic Bill)

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