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RotPG – #FOFN 10/02/2015

Experience the spectacular premier performance of the #FOFNSYNTHPHONY. Toast the start of a new fall season while KUCI 89.9 Riders of the Plastic Groove offers an experimental musical evening: The sounds of the #FOFN SYNTHPHONY.


Led by Conductor Marcelino di Videlati, the #FOFN SYNTHPHONY presents a modern classical piece –
TB303 in 3 minor.
>> click here for audio archive <<

The Analog and digital sections will feature such stunning artists such as
James Bernard (aka Influx, Cybertrax, Expansion Union),
Abe Mora (of VidelaMora)
Marcel Videla (of VidelaMora)
and Giuseppe Testa.

Photos by Peter Vincent

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