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RotPG – Dennis Simms 07/17/2015

If anyone knows the story behind this Foo Dog that’s located in Amboy please let me know…. i took this photo on Wednesday, July 15, 2015 on Route 66.
Found a page on facebook titled “Guardians of Route 66” and they too are trying to find out the story behind it.

Tonight’s show was mixed by myself, hope you enjoyed it.

Track List: RotPG 07/17/2015

Num. Title – Artist
01. Sure Thing feat. Ashibah (Matvey Emerson Remix) – Ashibah, Vintage Culture, Earstrip & Torha
02. True (Lexer Remix) – Nora En Pure
03. Everyone (Heavy Pins Remix) – L.O.O.P
04. Philadelphia (Original Mix) – Tinush
05. Oxygen (Original Mix) – Less Hate, Valentina Black, Grace Ashaye
06. OH MY RA (Deep Indie Dance Vocal Mix) – Digital Glitter
07. Ain’t Nobody Feat. Shari Callista (Original Mix) – Saccao, D33P, Shari Callista
08. Sometimes (Original Mix) – Felten, Constantinne
09. Higher Love (Original Mix) – Severin Borer
10. Feel It (Andrey Exx & Hot Hotels Remix) – Peter Brown
11. Everybody Loves (Monte Remix) – Phil & Dan
12. Agarina (Matt Fear Remix) – Chris Madem
13. The Way That I Feel (Original Mix) – Mark Lower
14. Get Like (Original Mix) – Daniel Fernandes
15. Faceless Void – Pedro Amaral
16. Get Back Back (Original Mix) – Norwood & Hills
17. Hollywood (Original Mix) – Satin Jackets feat. Eric Cozier
18. Drop It Low (Original Mix) – Jan Ketel, Onosizo, Lil’Ann
19. Don’t You Know That (Original Mix) – Deepjack, Mr.Nu
20. Stimulated (Original Mix) – Sugar Hill
21. Diggin’ On You (Original Mix) – Elekfantz
22. Come Back Home Feat. JazzyFunk (Original Mix) – Pao, Saccao, JazzyFunk
23. Fire Of My Own (Matchy & Bott Remix) – FUTURPOETS
24. Ridin’ Higher (Original Mix) – Frey

RotPG – Dennis Simms 06/19/2015

11233792_10152883006721109_8831452179249155046_oHope you enjoyed tonight’s show. Next week we will be having a live guest come in for a live set that will be video streaming live as well.


Title – Artist
I Want Everything (Deepjack & Mr.Nu Remix) – Chocolate Avenue
Emperor Love – RockyRocky
I Feel Love (Gaetano Remix) – Zeni N
Shine On Me (Original Mix) – Carlo Runia
Don’t You Say You Love Me (Original Mix) – Jaques Le Noir
Daylight (The Florist Remix) – Arthur Distone
Push The Feeling On (DJ Sign Private Remix) – Nightcrawlers
As You Like It (Nicole Moudaber Remix) – Trnsstr
Octopus – Emmanuel
Well Done (Original Mix) – Andruss, Dmitri Saidi & Antonio Santana
Comin Back Around – Carlo Runia
Scarface (feat. Mack B’Z) – Filthy French
Thing One (Original Mix) – Tom Ellis
Life (Original Mix) – Deep & Soul
A New Game (Original Mix) – Me & My Toothbrush
Sur Une Chanson En Français – Paradis
For The Time Being – Phonique
Gonna Burn It Up (Original Mix) – Marco Grandi
Opening Act (Original Mix) – Akamante
If I Could Be U (Luiz B Remix) – Claes Rosen
Numb (Original Mix) – Stерhеn J. Кrооs
Crush (Moe Turk Remix) – Deepjack, Mr.Nu, Veselina Popova
Sonntag (Rework) – Robert Babicz

RotPG – Dennis Simms 06/05/2015

Live recording of Riders of the Plastic Groove that aired on 88.9fm KUCI in Irvine, CA. Air date was Friday, June 05, 2015. Mixed by Dennis Simms

>> click here for audio archive <<
Track List: RotPG 06-05-2015
Num. Title – Artist
01. Without You – Severin Borer
02. Little Angel – Fernando Mello
03. Sometimes (Original Mix) – Felten, Constantinne
04. I Feel Fire (Original Mix) – Felten & Constantinne
05. Give To Me (Original Mix) – Felten, Constantinne
06. Karplus Wrong (2015 Remaster) – Tundra
07. Lief (Original Mix) – Jay Pei
08. Do the Rock-Away (Original Mix) – Andruss, Dmitri Saidi & Antonio Santana
09. Higher Love (Original Mix) – Severin Borer
10. Deep as Hell (Original Mix) – Kaspar Kochker
11. Wanna Do Right (Original Mix) – Claes Rosen
12. What You’ve Done (Original Mix) – Cash For Sex
13. Earth Wind and Fire (Original Mix) – Felipe Puertes, Severin Borer
14. Sacellum (Kungs Remix) – Fuchse
15. Wes – Fritz Kalkbrenner
16. Paradise (Carlo Runia Remix) – Matvey Emerson, Alex Hook, Rene
17. Smitten (Original Mix) – Jelly For The Babies
18. The Protocol (Original Mix) – Hernan Cerbello
19. Para More (Original Mix) – Telekollektiv
20. Sky (Original Mix) – Felten, Constantinne
21. Losing You (Original Mix) – Severin Borer, Felipe Puertes, Emy Zaluzna
22. Addicted (Original Mix) – Sqim
23. Hate Street Dialogue – The Avener
24. Don`t (DJ Sign Private Remix) – Ed Sheeran

RotPG – Dennis Simms 05/29/2015

Tonight’s show was mixed by myself. Hope you enjoyed the mix. If you missed it please check out the link below.

>> click here for audio archive <<

Track List: RotPG 05/29/15
Num. Title – Artist
01. Moment (Original Mix) – Damian Lazarus
02. Sunset Feat. Marques Toliver – Marques Toliver, Compuphonic
03. Feeling Good (Original Mix) – Sweetohm
04. To Let Myself Go – The Avener feat. Ane Brun
05. Need You Tonight – Elliot Tordoff
06. Pearls (Timo Jahns Remix) – ade
07. Outside (Deeperise & Tolgah Remix) – Ellie Goulding
08. The Gift – Miusha
09. Touch Me – Yousef
10. Waters (Original Mix) – Avidus, Musk, Merveille Mubakemeshi
11. Rondevouz (Original Mix) – Jozif
12. On the Block (Vanilla Ace Remix) – Vengerov
13. Psique (Sebastian Voigt Remix) – Cani
14. Leske (Original Mix) – Cani
15. I Wanna Know – Clancy
16. Ithaca (Petar Dundov Remix) – Quenum & Lad
17. Maya (Peter Pardeike Remix) – Martin Roth
18. Dark Voice (Original Mix) – Carlos Arias
19. Turn The Music Up (Original Club Mix) – Matt Smallwood
20. Dark Beat (Saso Recyd Remix) – MURK feat. Oba Frank Lords
21. Heart Of Glass (Extended Mix) – Gisele,Bob Sinclair
22. Ugabo – Toni Robles
23. Makatulon (Riky Lopez Remix) – Jona Marrero

* Since UCI Baseball is done for the season we can finally start to book dj’s once again so check back to see who is playing.

RotPG – Audio-C & John V 01/30/2015

Tonight’s guest: Audio-C & John V
>> click here for audio archive <<

Audio- C’s Set coming soon.

John V’s Set
Walk (Sasha Remix) – Sasha, Kwabs
Sordid Affair (Maceo Plex Remix) – Royksopp
Conjure Superstar – Maceo Plex
Let’s Go Dancing (Solomon Remix) – Tiga, Audion
Restless Dreams (Shal Ocin Remix) – Samu.l
Orbis – Shall Ocin
Far From The Tree – Boss Moses
Dreams (Shall Ocin Remix) – Agraba, Monkey Fish
Bipolar Star – Oliver Giacomotto
My Other Car Is My Feet (Balcazar & Sordo Mix) – Pink Skull
Candyland (King Unique Remix) – Guy J

Audio C
DJ AUDIO-C :First started playing 80s flashback rock music for parties and clubs. He was one of only two djs in Orange County playing and beat matching 80s back then. Started playing house and any type of electronic music, but needed more to expand his skills. It wasn’t enough to just beat match. Eventually picked up scratching and turntablism. Developing his skills by beat juggling, scratching and making his own samples out of just two turntables. In the early 2000’s he began to compete against other djs, and also started djing for a live rock and funk band.

Currently increasing his skills by digital djing. He’s taken on Controllerism and its been a big part of his game. “I’ve learned that you could do so much by just grabbing a small part of a song and turn it into a complete remix of the same song on the fly.” DJ AUDIO-C

Member of Milk Karton DJs in Orange County, CA. Played at club venues in and around Orange County. Originally from Anaheim, CA…..TRAGIC KINGDOM

Played different venues and clubs in the New England area, Boston, MA. area. As well as UNH radio station. DJ AUDIO-C has become a household name. A monthly resident dj for NH’s SYMMETRY. Opening up for some of the biggest names in the game, Porter Robinson, Zedd, J Devil, The M Machine and local favorites Clever Girl, Dj Exodus, DSK CHK, Bamboora, GlowKids & Fuse. Now currently living in Anaheim, California opening up for ATB, Paul Oakenfold, Andr3x, and Zero Delay playing venues and clubs back again.

Open to different styles of music. Recently playing Electro-House music. “This music lets me create and redesigned what I want my crowd to hear.” DJ Audio-C
Now he’s back in Anahiem, California and trying to get his foot back in the door.


John v
JOHN V: based in Orange County, CA yet played mainly in the Los Angeles arena since 1987. After getting his first set of turntables, circa 1988, his dj talent began to expand from backyard events into warehouse parties, in which we all understood it at the time as the Los Angeles Underground Scene in the early 90s. One of his first memorable gigs was playing the opening set at the local LA high school dance alongside djs Sandra Collins and Taylor. This gig landed his musical dj career into playing for Los Angeles based radio station, Renegade Radio then off to Groove Radio.

In the early 90s, John V continued his passion for progressive dance music which lead him to play at some of LA’s most memorable events, such as, Narnia, Nocturnal Wonderland, Techno Flight . . . Although John V never had an LA residency at the local clubs, he has played the vast majority of them, including, the Palace aka Avalon, Vanguard, the Key Club, the Roxy, Grand Avenue aka the Shark Club and the Mayan to just name a few. In addition, John V has displayed his musical talents for the masses in the arenas, such as, the Los Angeles Convention Center, the Anaheim Convention Center and the Long Beach Convention Center for various one offs.

While his love for progressive dance music expanded, John V ventured off the underground scene and attempted to play mainstream radio for Power 106FM under the musical talent of Richard Vission for his Powertools radio show. After winning the Powertools dj contest in circa 94, John V focused primarily on creating and exploring into his dj sets to take his crowd on a musical journey. His progressive house style was uplifting, which led to the harder sounds of progressive trance. At the time, most djs were playing the typical mainstream radio house genre while John V had his eye on the musical talents of Sasha and John Digweed since circa 94.

Since then, John V has controlled the dancefloor alongside talents, such as, Sandra Collins, Taylor, David Alvarado, Doc Martin, Christopher Lawrence, Majic Juan Atkins, Superstar DJ Keoki, Dj Dan, . . .

Today, John V’s focus is on his professional career and family, yet he has never let go of his love and passion for the progressive dance music scene. His dj sets will sure throw you on a musical journey from start to finish with his melodic rich sounds of what he calls “adult” style house, sexy driving beats, piano synths which tells a story embodied by musical influences of Sasha, John Digweed, Guy J, Nick Muir, Henry Saiz and Maceo Plex. Let the journey begin and “enyoy the ride . . . “



Jarred Fundraiser

Be sure to check out Fundraiser for Jared #JaredWakeUp #FixJaredNow

Fundraiser for Jared #JaredWakeUp #FixJaredNow

Please come out and show your support for our dear friend, Jared Griffith!
On New Year’s Day, he went into full cardiac arrest and has been in a coma since. Jared is a fighter and continues to fight to come back to us. He will have a long road to recovery ahead of him, so we want to help him out as much as possible.

We will be selling T-Shirts with a logo specially designed for Jared for $20 ea. (All proceeds will go to Jared)
We will have men and woman T-shirts sizes available.

Big Rob will be cooking up his famous bacon wrapped dogs starting at Noon. The Juke Joint is donating the food. We will be asking for a donation of $5.00.

A 50/50 drawing will be offered too.

Let’s all come together and show Jared our love and support!

If anyone has a band that is willing to play or DJ system you want to set-up, please contact Robert Madrigal or Valerie Burns.

Let’s make this a great turnout!


This Thursday, Feb 5, 2015

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