RotPG – Dennis Simms 03/16/2018


  1. Purple Disco Machine, CeeLo Green – Pray for Me
  2. DJ Soulstar – Bolivian Theme (Club Mix)
  3. Neil Gain – Generations (Original Mix)
  4. Eric Ericksson, Reel People, Debra Debs – Don’t Hold Back on Love – Vocal Mix
  5. Harvey Sutherland – Speaking Your Language
  6. Spencer Morales, Randy Roberts, Sean McCabe – Without Your Love (Sean McCabe Message In The Music Mix
  7. Nick Holder – Beautiful
  8. Guy Robin, Amba Shepherd – Heaven Or Hell (Original Mix)
  9. The Layabouts, Omar, Jullian Gomes – As Long as You Believe – Jullian Gomes Remix
  10. DJ Simi – Report The Weather
  11. Reel People, Darien, The Layabouts – Sure – The Layabouts Future Retro Vocal Mix
  12. Herbert, Linkwood – See You On Monday (Linkwood Remix)
  13. Ministry OF Funk – Superheavy Funk (Original Mix)
  14. Dana Weaver, DJ Oji – He Loves Me (DJ Oji Extended Vocal Mix)
  15. G. Family, Nombongo, Manuel Tur – People with Bullets – Manuel Tur Remix
  16. Purple Disco Machine – Song for O – Original Mix
  17. Amp Fiddler, Louie Vega – So Sweet (Louie Vega Amp Do It Again Dub)
  18. DJ James Ingram – That DJ Made My Day (Original Mix)
  19. Ziggy Phunk – Think About It
  20. AphroDisiax, Sabrina Chyld, Ron Trent – Free – Ron Trent Remix
  21. Jullian Gomes, Kabomo – Be Yourself
  22. Luna City Express, Dario D’Attis – Victims of the Funk (Dario D’Attis Remix)
  23. E.O.L. Soulfrito, Louie Vega – Upright Love (Louie Vega Kat Mix)

RotPG – Dennis Simms 03/02/2018

    1. Damabiah – La Danse Des Morts Sur Le Mont Aux Nymphes (Ioan Gamboa Remix)
    2. Dousk – Dreamhill
    3. Ghostlike – The Shadow Gallery (feat Kimono)
    4. John Cosani, Erreome – Afterego – Original Mix
    5. Sascha Braemer – Touchdown
    6. Arilamas – La Mezquita (Original Mix)
    7. Bypass FX – I Am Trying (Original)
    8. Eagles & Butterflies – Pharoah
    9. GT – Modern Soul Reference (Original Mix)
    10. John Cosani, Rafael, Tuxedo – Talisman – Tuxedo Peaceful Remix
    11. Loui & Scibi – The Cure (feat Beth Aggett – Touch & Go remix)
    12. Nahuel Carrizo – Flat Soul (Original Mix)
    13. Rafael Cerato – Zephir (Original Mix)
    14. Rosario Galati & Yves Murasca – Carry On (Mika Olson remix)
    15. Desaturate – The Call (Matter Remix)
    16. Digital Department, Nick Safado – Dark Wood Story – Nick Safado’s Breaks Rework
    17. Dj Zombi, Naor – Fake Love Affair (Oscar Holgado Remix)
    18. Dousk – Look Good Tonight (Original Mix)
    19. John Cosani, East Cafe, Julian Rodriguez – Sonnenlicht – John Cosani & Julian Rodriguez Remix
    20. Manu F – Emotional Rescue (Daniel Gomez Remix)

RotPG – Jamie Thinnes 02/23/2018


Texas born Jamie Thinnes transplanted to the LA area as a young teenager and was quickly seduced by the intriguing sounds found in the wee hours, in the abundant warehouses, loft spaces and odd locations scattered throughout southern California. Early on, house music crept into Jamie’s soul and has been his guiding light ever since. Quickly becoming an underground favorite in the early ‘90s, Jamie forged his unique and captivating sound in a wide variety of Los Angeles environs – from full scale nightclubs to many a dark and dirty after-hours, from sunny beaches to ultra exclusive, all-night house parties. His trademark deep, spiritual rhythms and low frequency grooves never fail to keep the dancefloor marching in time to sunrise and beyond. A master mixer and programmer behind the decks, Jamie’s unwavering devotion to house shines through with every twist of the knob and every slide of the fader.
In 1996, Jamie’s musical vision blossomed and founded Earthtones Recordings. After 10 highly regarded releases, Earthtones was forced to change its name due to trademark issues. Seasons Recordings was born. 16 years in existence, with a heavy catalog of class act releases featuring Franck Roger, Olivier Portal, John Cutler, Dj Spinna, Anto Vitale, Charles Webster, Boddhi Satva, Black Coffee and Jamie himself, to name a few, Seasons has truly evolved into one of the premier house music imprints worldwide. While countless other labels have faded away or tried to re-invent themselves with a new sound every few years, Seasons, and its revered Seasons Ltd. sub-label, have stood the test of time with consistent, quality house music that’s based on an unshakeable foundation of musicality, soulful delivery and infectious grooves.

RotPG – PACE 02/16/2018

Cordell Pace, aka PACE, spins a unique blend of varied-tempo Deep House tracks which appeals to any crowd. His talent for reading a crowd and adapting to them is what keeps him in constant demand. His background is heavily-rich within the entertainment industry: Acting-Stand Up Comedy-Writing-Radio, and now with the addition of DJ’ng, his artistic ventures have come full circle. PACE is also the Founder/Curator of the collective: JUSTICE LEAGUE DJs

RotPG – Dennis Simms 02/09/2018

  1. Kalipo – Perspicientia
  2. Oberst & Buchner, Mimu, Rampue – Doves – Rampue Remix
  3. Rafael Cerato – Sekater
  4. Andreas Henneberg – Skirmish
  5. Andy Bros – Pleiadi
  6. Howling – Phases – Club Edit
  7. Maribou State, Sasha – Rituals – Sasha Remix
  8. Stephan Bodzin – Powers of Ten – Maceo Plex & Shall Ocin Remix
  9. Patrice Bäumel – Glutes
  10. Downtown Party Network, Eglė Sirvydytė, Mario Basanov – Space Me Out – Mario Basanov Remix
  11. HVOB – Azrael
  12. Benotmane – Beyond – Karmon Remix
  13. Anna – Redemption
  14. Jerome Isma-Ae, Alastor – Fiction – Extended Mix
  15. Le Jeune Flueck, Township Rebellion – Foenix – Township Rebellion Remix
  16. Miyagi, Gregorythme – Take Me to Your Paradise – Gregorythme Remix
  17. Pale Blue – Acid Waves
  18. Rey & Kjavik – Baba City – Original Mix
  19. Tonny San, Mr Wox – Glamour Beats – Mr. Wox Remix
  20. Giorgia Angiuli – Everything Changes
  21. Human Machine – 146 – Original Mix
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