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RotPG – White Viper & Rosie Love 11/04/2016

In the continuing series of #FOFN taking over ROTPG, we bring you another show from some of our artists. Live recording from Riders of the Plastic Groove that aired Friday, November 11, 2016 on 88.9fm KUCI in Irvine, CA.

white-viperWhite Viper

rosie-loveRosie Love

RotPG – Vincent & VidelaMora 09/09/2016

In anticipation of several upcoming #FOFN related events, we bring you a special warm up show from some of the artists playing. Catch them live on Friday, September 9 for a preview of what will be in store soon.



RotPG – Dennis Simms 08/19/2016

Tonight’s show play list mixed by DENNIS SIMMS

Track List: RotPG 08-19-2016

Num. Title Artist
01. Spatium – Max Goessler & Francis Goessler
02. Marilyn Monroe – Tim Baresko Ft. Room 303
03. Keep Going – System 2
04. Way2tite – Situation 2wo
05. Blick – Driewad
06. Concurrent Operation (Original mix) – Carbon
07. Reach the End (Elmar Strathe Remix) – John Haden
08. Folded Reality – Whitesquare
09. House Culture – Mirko Gorelli
10. Gimme Love – David Glass feat Moji
11. HIO – Helmut Dubnitzky & Jackspot
12. Frozen Yogurt – Tutti
13. Clean Code (Original mix) – Tim Deetakt
14. Heimkind (Original mix) – Chris Milla
15. Big Boy – Sicamset
16. Enigma (Elias Short Edit) – Elias
17. Hide (Delano Smith Mix) – Hector
18. Awake – Sebastian Groth
19. Until The End – Martin Accorsi & Jeremy Bassetti
20. Joy & Pain (Club Mix) – Apexape
21. The Enemy (feat Felix Da Housecat – Hot Since 82 remix) – Matador
22. Gimme Something – Angelo Ferreri and Daniele Kama

Looking for something to do tonight that’s local? Check this out.

Tonight 8/19 @join_the_ritual with @reel2reelofc at @thekitschbar
#jointheritual #kitschbar #house #techno#costamesa #reel2reel
— at Kitsch Bar.

Be sure not to miss out on this 24 hour event on Saturday.
Techdlx ((in conjunction with #FOFN – Friends Of Friends Network – #FOFN)) presents a rare and challenging event for the party people of Los Angeles – a complete 24-hour marathon of techno. A powerful odyssey of dance music will be performed in both DJ and live PA formats offering a diversity of sound to carry you through this 24-hour journey. 24hours x 60 = 1440.

Guests –
– darkcube [ Detroit Techno Militia ] Detroit

– Influx [ Rising High / Isophlux] New York

– Thee-O [ Viva La Tech ] Los Angeles

– VidelaMora [ #FOFN ] Pomona

– Scott Kirkland [ TCM ]

– Vincent [ #FOFN ] Orange County

– WMX [ Darkmatter Soundsystem ] Los Angeles

– DPSM [ #FOFN / Dr. Freecloud’s Record Shoppe ] Los Angeles

– Natefrogg [ #FOFN ] Los Angeles

– Jax [ #FOFN / Viva La Tech ] Los Angeles

– Randy J [ Randy J ] Los Angeles

– Dj Eric Glaze (aka UGLY WOMAN) [ #FOFN ] Los Angeles

– Techdlx [ #FOFN ] Los Angeles

– Acid dealer [ #FOFN / Whoopdee ] Los Angeles

– Sarah Strandberg [ Offthe Grid / Cota Lab] Los Angeles

– Emmy J [ #FOFN / ] Los Angeles

– Crescendoll [ #FOFN / Disco Aliens ] Los Angeles

– Chris Mindel Elektrolyte [ #FOFN / Disco Aliens ] Los Angeles

– Daniel Batson [ #FOFN / Disco Aliens ] Los Angeles

– Justin Flowers [ #FOFN ]

– Mesmé [ LA[W]AX ]

– Ace January Los Angeles

– Azul Smurph Los Angels
*** birthday set

– Stop Plate Techtonics. [ #FOFN / EMX Los Angeles]

RotPG – Ron D Core & Verity 05/27/2016

That’s right! The one and only RON D CORE will be at EDC!!!

<p><a href=”″>Riders of the Plastic Groove – Ron D Core &amp; Verity 05-27-2016</a> from <a href=””>Riders of the Plastic Groove</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Spinning records since 1985, Co-Owner & Founder of Dr. Freecloud’s Mixing Lab since 1994. Owner and creator of Atomic Hardcore Recordings + Oblivion Records (California’s first Hardcore record labels). Ron has recorded and been featured on many Hardcore and non—Hardcore from all over the world including: Atomic Hardcore Recordings (Costa Mesa), Industrial Strength (New York), Head Fuck (Italy), Epileptik (France), UC Music (Chicago), V-Wax (Los Angeles), Swell (Arizona) & most recently the Dr. Freecloud label. Throughout the years of Ron D Core’s DJ career he’s thrown a lot of events (large and small), and always memorable such as Dr. Freecloud’s Psychedelic Drugstore (Halloween Rave in Santa Ana 1990) + Hot Lemonade (an Acid House event in Downtown Los Angeles 1989) + No—Doz (a weekly afterhours in Los Angeles 1992—1993) + Funny Farm (a hardcore weekly in Orange County 1993—1994) + Plazma (a Hardcore weekly in Fullerton’s Digital Kilinik 1997) + Operation 1 & Operation 2 (Large scale events celebrating Dr. Freecloud’s B—Days) + Funky Shit Happens! (Large Rave @ Orange Show in San Bernadino) + Blitzkrieg (Mega—Outdoor Desert Festival) Hardcore vs. House party + Megablast (all Hardcore event @ The Glasshouse in Pomona) & co—Promoted with Sid P.W.L.Y. + 13 (all Hardcore event in Pomona) thrown on the 13th of any given month.

Ron has played at some of the largest and most memorable events in the world such as: Electric Daisy Carnival + Nocturnal Wonderland + Smoke Out + Circa + Together As One + Monster Massive + Bassrush + Pyrotechnodiscoworks + Audiotistic + Opium + Willie Wonka + Alice’s House + Stranger Than Fiction (L.A.’s first Massive 1990 @ The Shrine Auditorium) + Narnia + Future World + Aphrodite’s Temple + Shiva’s Erotic Banquet + Cyberslam & too many others to mention & played for crowds up to 50,000 people. Ron has played with some of the biggest names in the business such as: Speed Freak + Lenny Dee + DJ Producer + Juan Atkins + J. Saul Kane (Depth Charge) + Rob Gee + Neophyte + DJ Paul + Babu (Beat Junkies) + DJ Dan + Doc Martin + Manu Le Malin and loads of others. Some of the articles and interviews Ron has been featured in are: Urb Magazine + Entrepeneur + OC Weekly + XLR8R + DJ Times + Daily Pilot + Yellow Rat Bastard + Thunder Magazine (Thunderdome Holland) + L.A. Weekly + Club Life + Tribe + Free Bass + Fix Magazine + Rave (Porn Magaine) + Culture and more… Ron has been featured in a Movie Documentary about the rave scene and it’s history called “Better living Through Circuitry,” & the book called “Generation Exstacy,”. Ron is continuosly working hard in the Electronic Music scene Recording DJ’ing and Promoting the Hardcore he love’s and supports. Keeping Dr. Freecloud’s the store and the Vinyl alive is nothing short of dedication to the scene.

Verity’s been behind the decks for 18 years. He has a mad passion and love for the Oldskool Techno, Breakbeat and Jungle sounds of the early 90’s and evolved into Drum & Bass as well as a wide variety of other electronic music genres. Collecting as many mixtapes as he could get his hands on, he eventually graduated to vinyl and DJ’ing in the mid 90’s. He’s inspired by the original sounds of L.A. DJ’s such as R.A.W., DJ Trance and Ron D Core. He’s played a variety of shows and clubs but also spent quite a bit of time doing intimate outdoor renegade sessions with his close friends who shared the same passion and joy of just getting outdoors, and playing music, LOUD!


RotPG – Dennis Simms 04/15/2016

Be sure to tune in next week for our special guest Holly Adams & Loomer live in studio and giving away a pair of tickets for BOOGALOO happening on April 29, 2016 to May 01, 2016  at Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, California.

I will also be playing at the BASSNUT AFTERHOURS  for BOOGALOO.
BassNut - Boogaloo Afterhours

Live recording of Riders of the Plastic Groove mixed by Dennis Simms that aired on 88.9fm KUCI in Irvine, CA. Air date Friday, April 15, 2016.

Links: |

Num. Title – Artist
01. Sometimes (7even) (GR) Remix) – Carusoff
02. Filthy Roads – Brisker & Magitman
03. Freefall (Original Mix) – Area Forty_One
04. Modern Soul Reference (Original Mix) – GT
05. Been A While feat. Ryan Konline (Deepjack Remix) – Ryan Konline, Deeplowdog
06. Sunset in Paradise (Jack Mode Remix) – IAN
07. Daddy Are You Proud (Mollono.Bass Remix) – Madmotormiquel
08. Moon Module – Tuccillo
09. Keeps Me Awake (Ale Miguez Remix) – Quivver
10. Shadows of Your Suns – Timo Maas & James Teej
11. Flashbang – Simone Liberali
12. Persian Dreams – Och
13. Blowout – Visionary
14. Korean Doll (Model1 Remx) – Yuriy From Russia
15. Fake Friends (Original Mix) – Feral Creatures
16. Bandala (Anna Remix) – Andreas Henneberg
17. Last Minute (Original Mix) – Vangelis Kostoxenakis
18. Deep Sympathy (Roman Beise Remix) – Artur Achziger
19. Montag (Original Mix) – August Artier
20. Blue Lake (The Reactivitz Remix) – Matt Minimal
21. These Are The Days – Quivver
22. Magic Flute – Dubman F., Mani Rivera
23. Summertime – Ciszak

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